Q & A with Bernie – March 10, 2014

Question for Bernie:

Hi Bernie, can you guide me? I have MS, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, IBS, acne, anemia, and circulation issues. I’m only 44. Do likely causes include parasites, toxins, and mercury amalgams?

I’ve little support and can’t even depend on myself anymore.

It’s hard to love such a depleted body and a dull life…all advice welcomed.

Bernie’s Answer:

The likely cause of your constellation of problems is lack of love as a child, which you have carried into adulthood by not loving yourself.

The anger you carry around internally that does not get expressed both causes and makes worse all the things you mention, from Lyme disease to whatever.

If you are physically able, get a dog for company, especially if you live alone.  Loneliness is very damaging to the immune system.  Having a pet can also bring you into contact with many people you would not ordinarily meet—walking your dog, shopping with your dog at the pet store, going to local pet shows—often lots of fun because they ARE just for fun—not for “best in breed”…. instead, they have categories like “cutest puppy.” Even if you cannot handle a dog of your own, you can still get the benefits of their love and meeting people by volunteering to answer the phone at the local shelter, or going to dog training classes just to watch—talk to the teacher about getting to know people with dogs and more about dogs so even though you can’t have one, you can enjoy them.

Studies have shown that our body chemistry changes for the better when we laugh, so think back to a time when something really made you laugh out loud—maybe as a child, a teenager, or even recently.  Then bring that to mind several times a day and have a good laugh.  Give your immune system a boost that doesn’t cost a cent, doesn’t make you go to the doctor’s office, and doesn’t even make you have to get up out of your chair!

And either every morning or every evening—or both, say this affirmation to yourself:

Thank you for everything.
I am happy.
I am healthy.
I love my life.
I have no complaints whatsoever.

See a naturopathic physician—look at getting his or her help as a partner in your care.  Take an active role in healing yourself—don’t be passive.  You can do it if you make up your mind that you can and that you WILL.


Question for Bernie:

Thank you very much for your feedback! I’ll give all of this a try.

You’re so right, loneliness is a killer, especially in the technological, insular world we live in……people are not conscious anymore.

It’s a hard thing to remedy, though, especially when you’re ill…… I don’t wish to pester you but if you do have any additional thoughts on how to get rid of unexpressed/repressed, deep-rooted anger, and how to heal a lifetime lack of love, please feel free to email back any recommendations.

Bernie’s Answer:

Here are my recommendations:

  1. Ask for what you need
  2. Tell those who hurt you how they made
    you feel
  3. Be a love warrior and use love as your weapon
  4. Sports and physical activity can help get the feelings out in a healthy way
  5. Send love to your body and repeat positive mantras all through the day
  6. Think of yourself as an actor and rehearse the role you want to play in life until you have it down perfectly.
  7. Think of yourself as a painting and touch up the areas that need
    more color or a better shape
  8. Sit down and make a list of the things you love to do; make another
    list of ways you can make it possible to do any one of those things
    you love to do; then
  9. Do what you love—amazing things happen when you do what you
  10. You fill this one in yourself—after all, you are in charge of you!