Q & A with Bernie – March 24, 2014

First Question for Bernie:

I am currently enrolled at IIN and just heard your lecture – it was beautiful!! How do you stay in a higher awareness as you do? Sometimes I find myself being pulled down by negative influences and would like to be able to bounce back a lot quicker.

Thank you for being you – you are my CD (“Chosen Dad”)  🙂

Second Question for Bernie:

I hope you may be able to help me.  In you writings and in many books about
healing, the technique of visualization is presented as an expected “given” for the healing process….I am not able to “see” pictures. I hope it is a skill that can be learned– up until now, I have not found the teacher, who can help me learn or “heal” or aid me in removing the blockage that prevents me from seeing into my inner world.  I pray I will find such a gifted teacher.

Green blessings from Eschwege,

Bernie’s Answer:

It is very unusual, but today I have two letters to me about my recommendations on how to get out of a black hole or just have faith that “This, too, will pass.”  To both of you I say find the authentic you, learn to love it, and enjoy life for as long as it is yours.  Then do the following:

Find a mantra and meditation, and when down say the following:

Thank you for everything
I am happy
I am healthy
I love my life and (can add anything here)
I have no complaint whatsoever