Q & A with Bernie – April 28, 2014

Question for Bernie:

I am already doing visualization to treat my cancer, including preventing hair loss—and it is working.  No hair loss so far. Is there anything else I should be doing?  The following is part of my visualization, too:

Thank you for everything.
I am happy.
I am healthy.
I love my life.
I have no complaints whatsoever.

I have read every book you have written and just received your new book.

Thank you!

Bernie’s Answer:

You are doing exactly the right thing by visualizing what you desire both when you are receiving chemo as well as right after you finish each treatment. Visualize shutting off the blood flowing to your scalp.  By doing this, you are preventing any chemo from getting there and affecting hair follicles.

Here is something else that will help you, too.  Three days before a chemo treatment, eat 1/3 of the normal amount you usually eat.  This allows healthy cells to shut down their metabolism to protect themselves from the chemo.  Only healthy cells have the capability to do this—cancer cells cannot.  So if you do this, only the cancer cells will be affected by the chemo, which is of course what we want to happen, while the healthy cells are protected.