Q & A with Bernie – May 26, 2014

HEALING WISDOM – These wonderful, loving therapy dogs protect the immune system of our Vets and are always there to serve for a scratch under the chin or a kiss on the nose.  On this Memorial Day Weekend, let us all find a way to extend a healing paw as a symbol of what America has always meant to people who want to live in Freedom.

Question for Bernie

I’m a fan of your approach and way of looking at the illness process.

I’m a “healthy” guy, with a healthy life style, no smoking, no alcohol, no meat, just healthy foods.  Even so, I have just been diagnosed myeloma.

These last years have been really tough on me, professionally and personally. About one year ago the relationship I had for six years, that was really damaging throughout the whole process, ended, and despite the fact that it was me putting an end to it, I confess that it has been difficult and that I miss that girl a lot.

Professionally, the company that I’m running is going through struggles that I didn’t imagine due to the economy and probably some mistakes I made myself. This has also been very tough to cope with.

They want me to go through chemotherapy for the melanoma, but I don’t really fancy the idea. What can you say about this?

Thanks a lot for your time and feedback.

Bernie’s Answer

The first thing I can tell you is that you need to work on your life and feelings.  You must create a life you can love.  You have been doing good things for your body already, but you need to do more so that your body gets the message that you want to LIVE!  All of the stress in your personal and professional lives was using up your immune system, and when our immune systems get very low, we get sick.

Read my books and learn.  The books I wrote that would be especially good to start with are Love, Medicine & Miracles and my newest book,   The Art of Healing: Uncovering Your Inner Wisdom and Potential for Self-Healing.

The treatment you get for the myeloma is your choice, and if you visualize chemotherapy as the right thing to do, and that you will get through it without side effects, you can handle it easily.  I urge you to not listen to the experiences of others who tell you negative things either about treatment or anything else.  Surround yourself with positive people who also give your body the message that you want to LIVE!

Also, you also need a caring and understanding doctor to treat you for the melanoma.  Make sure he or she is positive, caring, and answers all of your questions.  Again, if such a doctor oversees your treatment, you will get through it easily.

Draw a picture of yourself getting the chemotherapy treatment and send it to me so we can look at it together.  I will help you keep visualizing a positive outcome.

Whether you take the chemotherapy treatments or not, you can do holistic things too, like taking certain vitamins and supplements.  It is your life, so begin right now visualizing getting completely well again, and then it is very important to fix the loneliness in your life.  As you surround yourself, starting now, with positive people, you will have a much better chance of finding that certain person who will end your loneliness. You deserve the best, and don’t settle for less just to have someone around.  You will find genuine love if you love yourself enough to accept only the best.