Q & A with Bernie – August 25, 2014

Question for Bernie

I am so grateful I found your website.  You are truly heaven sent!    God bless you for all the people you are helping.  If I may, I would like to ask you some questions.  I would like to ask for some of your wisdom regarding my current diagnosis.  I live in Canada.

The body was diagnosed in May 2014 with Stage 3, Grade 1 breast cancer in the left breast (with a few swollen lymph nodes under the left arm), that is fueled by the hormone estrogen, and is HER2 positive.  I wasn’t feeling well for many years, and this disease was brought on from loneliness, a broken heart, betrayal, lack of love, no friends, lack of oxygen, lack of fresh air & exercise, and chronic stress.

Now the Lord is raising me up and I am happy! I have something to live for, and I am going to go through the treatments with love and light in my heart, as I see the treatments as a gift from God.  I will be finishing the 4th cycle of strong chemo drugs next week.  In September, I start a new series of 4 cycles with an aggressive drug to target the HER2 positive factor – Herceptin and Taxol. Herceptin can have an adverse effect on the heart. Once again, I have to trust all will be well and my heart is so strong that nothing will harm it.  I am feeling grateful and blessed that Herceptin is an aggressive drug that will specifically target the aggressive tumor quickly.

The surgeon wants to shrink the tumor through chemo and radiation, and then go in and either do a lumpectomy or mastectomy. I don’t want any cancer returning.  Do you have any suggestions? She also wants to do a lymph node cleanout, but I don’t want this to hurt the underarm area.

Would you suggest I envision God’s golden light covering my heart and also all organs, good cells, tissue and see that I have gold speckles in my blood so everything is protected – envision there is God’s healing gold in my blood?  Do you have any other additional suggestions on visualizing? I have been seeing the light of God surrounding and protecting all the good cells, organs, tissues, and blood. I also talk to the cells, and when all treatments are finished, I will visualize the memory of ever having cancer being completely removed from each cell, organ, tissue, and all blood cells.

God is making changes in my life as I start to rebuild my entire life.  I am alive, happy, and doing well, and trust all organs will be okay and everything will turn out blessed, and I will be healed and restored in the most miraculous of ways.  I also trust my hair will grow back even more beautiful than it was before.

The good thing is that since my diagnosis, my two sisters are now back in my life.  The diagnosis brought my siblings back together (we hadn’t spoken for years).  As you had suggested in one of your blogs, I am seeing the tumor (and affected lymph nodes) as blocks of ice melting like snow with God’s powerful heat and light.    Is there something I can visualize for the herpes virus disappearing?

I was always into natural health, herbs, supplements, vitamins, good food and always took care of my body, but I was unaware, though, how the emotions affect the state of the body. I will add that my dear mum passed away at an early age (56) of breast cancer but she died of a broken heart, I believe.

I see myself being restored in such a way that I am healthier than I’ve ever been before, happy and so blessed, and that I meet a good, genuine man and get married, and all my dreams do come true.  I see myself leading a prosperous abundant, healthy happy life and because I am blessed, I can go on to bless and serve others.  As you mentioned in your Blog, I am taking responsibility for my life and seeing what a gift it is – this diagnosis.  I was dead all those years, but now I can live again and God can raise me up.

Bernie’s Answer

I recommend that, to protect the heart and body, you take Coenzyme Q10 and d-ribose.   A company called Life Extension can help you.  Go to their website:  www.lef.org.

You can even call them for help with supplements.  You can take colostrum for immune support.

I believe you think too much giving power over yourself to others.  Please remember that no individual or group can have power over your life unless you give it to them.  I would suggest visualizing being entirely independent of others and completely capable of denying power over your life to anyone.

Energy can heal you too, so find some energy healers and Reiki therapists who might guide you.  Research potential healers before you visit them and only see those who are licensed and have several years of documented experience.

Visualization works because what you think your body manifests. Picture therapy having no side effects, and learn from your dogs about how to enjoy life in the moment. Also, it is important that you act and behave as if you are the person you want to become and love your life and body.  Finally, add humor to your life.  Just remember something that made you laugh out loud so you can once again laugh out loud.  Do this every few hours.  You can also look for a “laughter workshop” in your area.  Not only do you get the healing effects of humor, but you can meet new friends.


Question for Bernie

What is your insight about people suffering from Lupus, especially that affects the kidneys? Can kidneys be healed like the liver and other organs heal—just on their own.

My daughter is strong and dealing with this condition currently. Kindly direct us to healing naturally and not through strong meds and other harsh procedures.  I really loved your approach after I read about you and followed you on YouTube from Inna Segal book that you forwarded.

God bless you!
Thank you.

Bernie’s Answer

Lupus is an auto immune disease and the people suffering from auto immune diseases often have internalized and unresolved anger.  The body strives for homeostasis which just means balance and normal function of cells, tissue, and organs.

Ask your daughter about the unresolved anger she has internalized in her life, and then help her to speak out for herself and express the anger now and each time she finds herself holding anger inside in the future.  Also, tell her to stop trying to please everyone else, giving up her life to them.  Others cannot have power over us unless we give it to them.

Anti-inflammatory herbs like curcumin and boswellia can help. Find a naturopathic physician who can guide you both further in alternative treatments for Lupus.

Finally, ask her what words describe what it is like to have lupus and then see what else in her life fits the negative words she uses to describe having Lupus.  Any people and situations she can describe using those words need to be eliminated to help her to heal her life and body.