Q & A with Bernie – August 4, 2014

Question for Bernie

I am 32-year-old man from Slovakia in central Europe. Two months ago I was diagnosed with a 2 cm, non-malignant acoustic neuroma growing from the 8th cranial nerve in my head, just between my right ear and the brain-stem. After consulting with best medical doctors in Slovakia and also abroad in the Czech Republic, two specialists suggested surgery. Doctors said that it is inevitable that I will permanently lose hearing in my right ear during the surgery. This was very sad news for me as of my hearing in both is completely normal.

Recently I have started to study more about self-healing, and I read almost all of your books as well as listening often to your audio-therapy materials. I find great inspiration in your work and I have learned a lot from your teachings.

When I spoke with my medical doctors about the possibilities of curing this tumor with a more holistic approach, they immediately stopped me, claiming that this is a non-malignant tumor and they do not shrink or disappear without surgery.

I tried to explain to them how I have been living during past few years. I was really dissatisfied with my job and the working environment, and also with my personal relationship, being constantly unhappy with life. I told the doctors that I complain a lot, and had complained to my colleagues that I must quit this job and end my personal relationship, too, or I will get sick from all the stress.

The doctors said that unhappiness and stress in my life has nothing to do with it, and that there is no specific reason for people to develop this kind of tumor. The doctors assured me that my long-standing mental state or emotional imbalance has nothing to do with this illness. They are trying to push me to undergo the surgery as soon as possible, within 1-2 months because if the tumor grows larger, it may complicate the surgery and could increase the risks of post-surgical problems.

A month ago I quit my job which was my main source of unhappiness and stress. I changed many things in my life, and I feel much more positive and relaxed now. I learned to be more at peace, meditating daily, and learning to be a more grateful and loving person.

The date of the surgery is set. By doing it the way the doctors recommend will cause me to lose my hearing.

I would like to ask you for your opinion about whether I can be successful getting rid of this tumor without surgery. I really think I could cure myself now that I have changed things in my life, however my medical doctors do not think this is possible.

Thank you very much for taking time to answer my question.

Bernie’s Answer

Nothing is impossible—the potential within you is always there.  Only you can decide what is best for you at this point.  Tell yourself that you will not feel guilty if it doesn’t go away, and you do end up having surgery.

You can use visualization and see the tumor as a block of ice and God’s light melting.  Or, you can see yourself turning off the blood to the tumor so it has to dry up. Or, you can have surgery as God’s gift to you.

Draw a picture of yourself in the operating room and email it to me.  I will guide you through the interpretation of your drawing so it can help decide.

It is your life and body, and creating a life you can love and a body you can love is important for your healing.


Question for Bernie

I know that I should really go to ECaP to get input for this question, but I have been trying to get them and it doesn’t seem to be reachable on the web.  Has something happened to the organization?

I had my last of six chemotherapy sessions on the 30th of July.  I am so very frightened because the doctor said that each successive chemo gets a little more intense (I forget the word she used).  The last one was so bad that I am not sure whether I can endure one that will be a little more intense.  Please advise me.

Who can I talk to for relief from my worry?  I have non-small cell lung cancer, if you want to know that.  Thank you.

Bernie’s Answer

ECaP has closed down.

Your mind is the problem.  Our minds are so powerful that what we believe and visualize happens.  But it works both positively and negatively, depending on how you choose to see a given situation.  If you are envisioning a good outcome, then you are using your mind to influence your body and cooperative with your spiritual self.

Your doctor should be quiet because she hypnotizes you.  This is your decision—not hers.

Go to this page on my website to read my article “I deceive people into health,”

So I recommend visualizing chemo with no side effects and feeling fine, hungry, etc.

I have CD entitled, Getting Ready: Preparing for Surgery, Radiation, and Chemotherapy with Minimal Side Effects.  You may find this very helpful.

Here is a true story that someone shared with me:

You vomit on the way home after chemo; your husband has bag in the car to vomit in.
One day, you open the bag and there are a dozen roses from your husband in the bag.
You never vomit again after your chemo.