Q & A with Bernie – December 29, 2014

Question for Bernie

How do you reach a bored and possibly depressed child in your home?

Bernie’s Answer

Ask the child what will make him or her happy, and then go do it. Stay with that approach but move the responsibility for doing it to the child; whenever they don’t know what to do, say “Do what makes you happy.”

Tell the child that when something goes wrong, or they have a problem that is making them very unhappy, worried, or seeing the world through “negativity glasses,” the experience is just “God’s redirection” and something good will come of this.

Play with the child, and most importantly listen. Children who seem bored and may possibly be depressed are not helped by “directives” such as “Do’s and Don’ts.”  Giving them the “answer” of what to do to fix things isn’t what they need nearly as much as they need a compassionate listener. When a person of any age can hear themselves talk about a perceived problem or difficulty, it helps them arrive at their own solution.  Children may need more help, but by taking the approach above, the child will be able to come to you for specific advice, or feel safe asking you to help them so that they can do what makes them happy.


Question for Bernie

Hello Bernie,

I hope you had great holidays!  I have not been in touch for a while, but I have been very positive and busy listening to you, reading you, and watching often “Fight for your life.” Below you will see the email I sent out to my friends, and you will see what I am up to.  Now that I have a plan I am hoping healing might move a little faster.

I wish I could get more relief from the pain in my left leg and hip.  Some say it is the cancer and others say it is the sacroiliac joint dysfunction.  Hopefully it will ease up soon.  I really need to earn at least a little money to help pay some medical bills, and I was hoping that maybe I could do a few hours from home.  Also, I am requesting that the Universe manifest a place for me to live where I can pay ½ the rent I pay here.  I am taking charge.

Bernie, soon I will meet with a chemotherapy oncologist who will suggest treatment.  Of course I will listen to what he has to say, but so many people absolutely abhor chemo and see no good in it.  I think I heard you say that it could also come from God.  I would love to hear your views as to when and if it works.  I would definitely prefer not to have it. Have you seen where it did save a life?  And I know that if I do not believe in it, I could be blocking its value myself.

And last, but not least, I would LOVE some words of wisdom from you.  I am nurturing myself—spending 100% of my time on me, still working on the self-love, and tuning in with my Spirit guides (new for me).  I understand that there is a part of me, my higher self, who loves me—I would love to be more connected to that.

Hope this email not too long and I look forward to hearing from you. I send this message to you with love and appreciation.

Bernie’s Answer

Whatever treatment you have, see it as a gift—and visualize doing well with no side effects.  Your mind prepares your body for the experience.

Let your heart help you decide and work at healing your life.  When we do work on healing our lives, the body gets the message loud and clear that you intend to LIVE that life.  This is a message of love to your body, acknowledging to it that you are going to do what is absolutely best for it to heal.

Be active and stay away from sugar—it energizes cancer cells.  You would benefit from reading my latest book, The Art of Healing: Uncovering Your Inner Wisdom and Potential for Self-Healing.

It will help you to understand that you have the potential to heal.


Here is the message this reader sent to all of her friends, and wanted to share.

Hello my dear friends,

Many of you have called and emailed me good wishes for a restoration of my health. In reply, because of time, I am sending this email to bring all of you up-to-date.  You all know how private a person I am, so sharing this is a big deal!  LOL!  I sincerely appreciate all of your care and concern for me.  Hopefully, along the road, I will contact you personally.

I was given a diagnosis of cancer, and I am spending 100% of my time looking after me, researching, etc., and now have a plan to follow.  There is a fabulous movie called “Fight for your Life.”  In it there is a woman who explains how she cured herself, and the biggest part of that was spending every single minute of her time on her.  She says she did not have one second to give to anyone else, even her family.  She said it enabled her to be in a position now to offer her gifts to the world.  She is my inspiration and that is where I am now.  Interesting she says she was what people call “selfish.”

I have had five radiation treatments and have back/hip pain which I am working with; hopefully the pain will be sorted soon.

Other than that, I am working on all aspects of life….spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and of course, energy.  Working with the regular medical docs, a naturopathic doctor, master herbalist, and having alternative Vitamin C intravenous with a Western/Eastern doctor who also gives me acupuncture has resulted in having a very positive attitude which is very helpful.

Actually, I amaze myself with my attitude!  LoL—would not have chosen this path, but it has also brought with it a lot of gifts.  Self-love, caring and nurturing me, and I have met so many wonderful and kind people recently.  Obviously, they were always here in the world, but I was so caught up in my “busy-ness” that I missed them.  It is wonderful to see this part of the world now.  My heart and body feel open and I feel more at peace than I ever have in my life.

How life and my value system have changed!! Things that seemed so big before no longer matter.   I am also definitely not ready to die, and I will not give my power to cancer.  I notice once people hear the word cancer they think death. They feel their own fear of death and project that fear onto others.  I am staying away from those people. I learnt that from a couple of experiences.  Maybe I will die, and I am not afraid of death, but it is not my wish right now. Many people heal themselves from cancer, and I plan to be one of them.  And if the Universe has other plans, then so be it.

As you can imagine with the regimen I have set up, I am busy, busy, and busier. I use the other time to rest, eat, meditate, and listen to motivational and inspiring DVDs. The VERY LAST thing I want is for ANYONE to feel sorry for me, and I must, will, and do keep away from people who express themselves in those ways.

So please do not worry about me. I am doing great! Instead, my wish for all is that each learn to look after and love you.  I feel very grateful as I have great relationships with my family and friends. And now that I am organized with a plan, I hope to have more time with everyone.

The only thing that would be helpful (but only if it is comfortable for you) is that you visualize me as healthy, energetic, strong, and vibrant.  If that works for you, then awesome, and if not, no worries. But I especially ask that you not visualize me as ill, or give me ANY energy of illness.

Lots and lots of love to you all. Have a fabulous holiday, and I wish all of you the best year ever!!!!  And, of course, most of all love and nurture you!