Q & A with Bernie – February 2, 2015

Question for Bernie

Sorry to bother you, but I have a question—not about the diagnosis but about how to deal with news of this kind.  My throat has hurt on and off for a few months.  I went to an ENT today.  He said he thinks it is stomach acid so we are working on that.

He also said I have one tonsil that is inflamed so he has a concern (remote) that it could be cancer.  He looked down my throat and said things looked good except for redness by the stomach; he felt the tonsil and it felt soft, which I understand is a good thing.

My question is how do I focus away from the remote chance that it is a cancer and focus my energy on the other expected condition.

I am, as mentioned in our prior conversations, trying to heal my life, but this one has sort of knocked me off kilter.  I’m 43 and have never personally had a major health issue.

Thanks for listening.

Bernie’s Answer

Go to this link for Life Enhancement.com and order gum mastic for the stomach problem


Go to the many resources on my website.  Browse through my CDs for visual imagery, meditation, getting ready for surgery, and other things that can help you on your healing journey.

Create a positive mantra and repeat it several times a day.  Take short meditation breaks (3-5 minutes) and use your mantra as you focus on breathing in and out of your nose.  Recent studies show that the short meditations of between five and ten minutes done several times per day works much better at calming anxieties and helping redirect worry than setting up lengthy meditation sessions and failing to follow through.

Humor is absolutely essential to help the body and spirit heal.  Think of some funny things that have happened to you, friends, or other family members over the years and pick out the ones that make you laugh out loud.  Thinking of these LOL moments a few times each day will also strengthen your immune system.  Resolve that you will practice laughing several times a day and between those times and the short meditations using your mantra you do throughout the day, you will crowd out worry which is a waste of the valuable time we have in our lives.

You do not know your future, but you can be confidant that but you are creating it with the choices you make in your unconscious mind.  By training your body and mind to relax quickly for short periods of time, you are making time for your subconscious to choose.


Question for Bernie

Thanks again for responding to me.  I listened again to an interview you did with Tony Robbins.  It is one of my favorites because you covered so much.  One of the things you said is to look at what has gone on in your life leading up to an illness. I know that a lot of things are not right for me and I’m trying to heal them.

I’m also trying not to worry, but wow, that is close to impossible for me.  I keep trying.  For a couple hours I feel great and then bam! I’m worried about the potential diagnosis, potential treatments, and stress to my family (especially my kids – that hurts the most). Then I cry.  Then I feel like I am weak.  Then I try to come back to the present… and hope.

I’m also trying to contribute and send love out into the world.

You quoted Viktor Frankl who said, life is full of pain and the trick is to find meaning in it.  I’m sure I will be able to, but right now it just hurts.

Thank you for being you and for listening.  My wife thinks I’m crazy to e-mail you, but I lost my dad about 14 years ago and it is nice that you are here.

Bernie’s Answer

When you go bam! ask yourself,  “What do I need to learn from this experience?

Like hunger, your answer will lead you to ways to nourish your life.

Worry does nothing, so enjoy the day. I like to cry—it feels good and relieves tension.

Teach your family to stop worrying about how they are doing.  Be an example and teach them how to live.  Go through the many resources on my website:  www.berniesiegelmd.com

I can be your CD = Chosen Dad


Question for Bernie
I have been in Hong Kong 15 days and am taking herbs twice daily, which are supposed to both detox and strengthen my body so it can handle the cancer.  The doctors have had great results and say I am doing well and that the detox is working.

In Canada I was on morphine for pain and since here I stopped it.  After the 15 hour plane journey, not sure if it was that, jet lag, fear, the herbs or what but I was completely exhausted and everything seemed like a struggle.  Although there are amazing people here helping me, I am here alone.  My daughter wanted to come with me but I felt it would be like a vision quest for me; me and the Universe versus looking for someone else to fix me.

I am reading your books here.  Right now, to be truthful I feel scared.  The tumors seem to be growing, and I can feel aches in my lungs which I did not feel before.  That could be the detox working, and I will ask the Dr. today. The detox apparently feels like flu symptoms.  The other evening all I wanted was someone to take me into the hospital and pump me with whatever to build me up again, then I realized I was not being an exceptional patient—in fact; I was going into victim mode again and looking for someone else to fix me instead of taking charge.

This is by far the hardest journey I have ever taken.  I also think that until I came here where there are no distractions like I have at home and started to focus,  I was in denial about how sick I was/am.   Denial is big for me…I stayed in denial for 20 in my marriage….So back to fear….I am reading many authors who say that it is important to feel our feelings…..What do you think?  If I dismiss the fear is that a good thing?

The other thing I was thinking about is drawing as you recommend, but what worries me is that I see the disease, but I am afraid to say that it seems like it is gaining strength.  Then I tell myself my body knows how to heal itself, and I need to visualize it as stronger than the disease.  My big fear is that my unconscious believes that I cannot do this.

As always thanks for reading this and I look forward to any comments you may have.

Bernie’s Answer

Have faith and realize that your potential to induce healing exists.  Live today, not in a fearful unknown future.

Stop judging yourself and start loving your life and body.  Every loving way in which you care for yourself sends the message to your immune system that you intend TO LIVE!

Visualize what you desire and not what you fear.

Fear makes it harder for your body to heal because it is for emergencies which threaten you—not for daily repetition.

Some symptoms can be due to the effects of the treatment and can be a good sign.