Q & A with Bernie – March 9, 2015

Question for Bernie

Hello. My 64 year old father was diagnosed with bladder cancer two years ago, but didn’t tell me or my sister until it came back a year later and they had to remove his bladder. After that surgery, I stressed nutrition to no avail, and therefore his sleepless nights, high anxiety and American diet caused two new tumors to grow around the neobladder within two months.

It was called stage IV even though there was no metastasis. His oncologist was all about stats and gave my father a 20% chance of being cured. He knew chemo was unavoidable this time, and he fell into a strict diet and supplement regimen that my mom, sister, and I created. This included juicing 2x daily, protein smoothies, all organic and non-GMO eating, limit red meat and dairy, etc., plus several supplements a day.

I had briefly introduced the other side of treatment…the Bernie Siegel treatment, that is. After just two rounds of chemo (four treatments), the doctors were shocked at how much the tumors had shrunk, one almost gone. My father openly cried to me for the first time saying I saved his life. We, of course, stressed for him to stay the path until it is gone as he continued with two more rounds of chemo.

The following month he seemed more and more agitated, like a deprived child. He stopped juicing and would sneak a coke whenever he could. He continued to lose weight, blaming it on the way we were feeding him as opposed to the fact that he would sleep through most of his meals. He also noticed that my mother hadn’t changed HER unhealthy ways throughout this process either. Whatever the cause, just five weeks later, another CT scan was done due to terrible back pains, and sure enough, those tumors were back, one larger than before laying on a nerve. His oncologist gave him 1-2 years.

After learning what I had about “the Bernie way,” I decided to write my own Cliff’s notes of Love, Medicine and Miracles since my father told me he wouldn’t read a book. He read my shortened version. I told him to stand up to his doctor, which is unlike the passive/angry route he had taken before. He was moved for the first time when he saw that his doctor was in a wheel chair. My dad showed his new doc a picture of my kids and said “I will do anything.” (Glimmer of hope.) He started treatment right away. I got him your meditation CD for the immune system and he has been listening to them, but only because I’ve begged him. Is it possible for the typical patient to become an exceptional patient? Are there any webinars I could direct my father to? How do I make him realize that he must save himself? Is Bernie retired yet? 🙂

Bernie’s Answer

You can coach him, but only he can change and heal himself.  Do a lot of listening so he hears himself and knows what he needs.  He can then take control, telling you and others what he needs instead of simply submitting to the plans for him that others have designed.

Continue to give him books and CDs, but don’t criticize him if he doesn’t use them.  Just love him and get him to love his life and body each day as it is.  He needs to give the message to his body that he wants to LIVE—and the body gets that message when it is supported positively so the immune system can get stronger.


Question for Bernie (continuation of previous question)

Is this really Bernie? I’m kind of speechless if it is. Thank you. Good advice, of course. Problem is my father doesn’t talk…we are working on getting him into some therapy. He just doesn’t believe therapy or praying is going to change anything. Also I’m not sure how to get him to love his life and body as much as people love him—maybe counseling. Can you recommend any of your CDs or books to help him with this?

He is a national lecturer in dentistry and was able to give his first two seminars—since his surgery in May—last Thursday, and Monday flew directly for chemo. Now we are hearing his blood work isn’t well enough to continue treatment and awaiting CT scan results. I really would’ve thought him nailing his lectures would’ve given him a boost of self-confidence and he was listening to your meditation for the immune system CD all week. At a loss…

Bernie’s Answer

Get him my latest book, The Art of Healing: Uncovering Your Inner Wisdom and Potential for Self-Healing.


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Question for Bernie: (continuation of the question above)

I got your new book on the art of healing. Is it also appropriate for someone given months to live when their doctors just told him nothing will cure him?

Bernie’s Answer

Yes, there are people who have self-induced healing from doing many things, even leaving your trouble to God.  Peace of mind and love of life can induce healing.  There are not spontaneous remissions; they are about people changing their lives, and finding love for self, life, and body—and then self-induced healing occurs.

Your father has to believe and want to make the effort.  That is survivor behavior.

Just keep loving him.


Question for Bernie

I have leaky heart valves which, I am told, will need to be replaced at some point. I am reading Peace, Love, and Healing, substituting heart disease for cancer. I believe my heart can be healed. I just need some help and insight to keep me on the right track.

I am also 81, an educator for 52 years, and have a hard time slowing down.

Bernie’s Answer

Even we educators have to keep learning, and most important of all is the lesson “Learn to say no when you do not want to do something.”  This is survivor behavior.  It strengthens your body’s ability to heal because you are protecting it from stress. Maybe that’s the message—to slow down and embrace your needs too.

To keep strengthening your immune system, eliminate or limit involvement with negative people and other things in your life if you can describe them with any of the words you would use to describe what it is like to experience heart disease.

Love your life and body so the message you send to your body is “I want to LIVE.”  To lower or banish stress, let your heart make up your mind.

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