The Immune Competent Personality Test

Dear Everyone,

As many of you know, I often recommend taking the short Immune Competent Personality Test.  The set of just 12 questions (including three I added), is based on research by Dr. George Solomon.  It is a great way to take an honest look at just how much you are asking of your Immune System.  These few questions help you gain insight into simple ways you can support the all-important Immune System instead of wearing it out.  The Immune System is there to help us overcome real threats to our health and well-being, and one such threat is stress.

Who was George Solomon, maybe you are asking?  Dr. Solomon spearheaded the groundbreaking research focusing on the role stress plays in making us more vulnerable to disease. Dr. Solomon realized the importance of understanding that the mind is an integral part of health. His work also demonstrated the acceptance of the science of Psychology and Psychiatry as equals in research efforts to the science of Neurology— a necessary partnership to help imbed proven research within all other accepted significant research in medicine, showing the importance of the influence of the Mind in human illness and dysfunction.

This is just our familiar Mind-Body-Spirit Connection, and it’s vital to keep it in top condition for effective prevention, as well as effective treatment of all kinds, and successful healing.  In 1983 Dr. Solomon said, “Mind and body are inseparable. The brain influences all sorts of physiological processes that were once thought not to be centrally regulated.”

The field in which Dr. Solomon was a prominent pioneer is called psychoneuroimmunology. That’s one of those famous medical terms most people believe they can’t really understand.  It’s easy. If we take this medical term apart, it’s very clear.  (The “o” is used as the usual connector of word parts, if needed.)

Psych-             the word root meaning “Mind”
neur-                the word root meaning “Nerve”
immun-            the word root meaning “Protection; immune <from>; safe
-logy                the familiar suffix meaning “the study of”

Definition of psych/o/neur/o/immun/o/logy:
The study of the influences on the behaviors of the Mind and nerves (Nervous System) with the effectiveness of the Immune System (which protects us and keeps us safe from diseases and infections and more)

Dr. Solomon recognized the damage the power of a mind filled with negative thoughts could inflict on the immune system of a patient.  But he also reasoned that by using that same power of the mind to replace negative messages with positive ones, patients gain an advantage in healing—sometimes a very significant—even pivotal—advantage.

Whether or not you already have a disease or disorder linked to getting worse with stress and out-of-control emotions and overall neglect of your mind and body, or you just worry about getting a disease—you both need to heal. If you feel helpless to control a mind overwhelmed with negativity, start with taking Dr. Solomon’s Immune Competent Personality Test here, and then start accepting your ability to remap your mind to deliver the ultimate healing power.

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