Q & A with Bernie – December 1, 2015

Question for Bernie:

Glad to meet you.  I’ve been reading your books. I’ve got multiple myeloma here in Washington, DC, with dropping red cell counts; otherwise fine….its smoldering stage may be ending, and I’m being encouraged to get a stem cell transfer. I’m going to get second opinions from D. Farber and J. Hopkins, the latter which I think pushes for the surgery (versus using complimentary cocktails of drugs to prevent the need for the surgery).

I’m disappointed that ECaP no longer exists as an organization. I would have hoped that the ideas espoused in your books would have been WIDELY ADOPTED across major cancer hospitals…and taught in med schools.

Would the best approach to be ask any specific kind of oncology nurse at Johns Hopkins (near me) or D. Farber if they have cancer SUPPORT GROUPS?  Would that be the proper term?  Otherwise, here in DC we have a Center for Integrative Medicine at George Washington University Hospital….it offers nutritional counseling, Reiki, a naturopath, etc., to help cancer patients.  There are a few groups here in town, but I don’t think they do visualization or any other techniques mentioned in your work.

By the way, are there other contemporary writers and doctors who’ve taken up your cause who I might contact?  Any particular angles I should be working on with my Jungian therapist?

In December, I go to Lenox, Western Massachusetts to see Dr. Daniel Hyman at the UltraWellness Center.  We’ll see where that leads!

Best to you.

Bernie’s Answer:
You are a survivor and will do well.  There are CDs available from my website for visualization—draw yourself getting chemo and stem cell, and then we can see which your intuitive mind knows is best.  Easy instructions are in my two specific books of mine—Love, Medicine & Miracles is the first one.  Also, read The Art of Healing: Uncovering Your Inner Wisdom and Potential for Self-Healing. Read them both for guidance.

Find and use an integrative center and a naturopath.  Seek out support groups that are empowering and not victim groups.

Dr. Hyman can help, too.  Jungian therapy should help you work out what growth has gone wrong in your life, and what the new road is for you to take.

Love your life and body and amazing things happen.

What words would you use to describe what you are experiencing with cancer? If anything in your life—other than you cancer—fits those words, too, try to eliminate them from your life.  Work hard at not being around negative energy from people and places and situations.  Things like a wake-up call are not a problem.