Q & A with Bernie – April 25, 2016

Question for Bernie:

I received a copy of your book 365 Prescriptions for the Soul from a staff member who I had cared for during her sick leave when going through breast cancer.  I work as an occupational health nurse. My work has become more toxic the last number of years with bullying and horizontal violence.

I was recently diagnosed with smoldering multiple myeloma (consistent plasma cells in blood and with positive bone marrow testing).  I have listened to the documentary series from Ty Bollinger on “The truth about cancer: a Global Quest.”  This past weekend, I attended a maximized living seminar presented by Dr. B.J. Hardick in London, Ontario.  I purchased the book Cancer Killers by Drs. Ben Lerner and Charles Majors (who overcame secondary glioblastoma resulting from multiple myeloma and has now been cancer-free for 5 years).  The authors made reference to your work.

I started seeing a naturopath specializing in oncology in Toronto. She is working on supporting me as best as she can, but said that all of her MM patients undergo conventional chemo.  Fortunately, my oncologist has recommended a “wait and watch” approach for now, so I am exploring all of my options.

It is documented medically that there is no cure to multiple myeloma.  My long-standing faith in Jesus has been my strength, in knowing that he will lead me through this journey towards a miracle, so that He will be glorified and then help others as you have.  Please advise on any other direction you may have to my beating this cancer, and any contacts as close to Toronto, Ontario as possible.  Sincere thanks.

Bernie’s Answer:

Dr. Mel Borins in Toronto knows me, and I am sending him a copy of this to him.

We have worked together and he can be of help.  Nurses have a lot of trouble caring for themselves while caring for others. If you were asked by friends or family to do something you did not want to do, what would you say to them?

Read Love, Medicine & Miracles and The Art of Healing and any others that appeal to you in the lists on my website. Read what defines an Immune Competent Personality on my website.

There is always the potential for self-induced healing when you love your life and body.  What you believe manifests itself through your body’s response.

Peace and Healing,

Question for Bernie:

Today was the day. I drove myself to the hospital, full of anxiety.  On the way, I passed a country road where two dear friends, now deceased, used to live.  I thought of them, and began to feel their presence in the car with me.  I was no longer alone!  At the hospital, gowned, hooked up to an IV, and in the MRI, the procedure began with a buzzing thumping rhythm.  Suddenly, I was no longer in the hospital, but on a cliff overlooking a beautiful Scottish castle.  There was a lake in the distance, and the trees were in full glorious leaf.  The sound of the MRI was now BAGPIPES, and I relaxed and enjoyed the time there.

When the technician came in to start the contrast IV, the sound of the MRI changed for the second part of the session, I was transported to Polynesia, to a sparkling white sandy beach.  Drummers were beating out a rhythm as they faced the calm blue of the ocean waters.  That lasted until the end of the MRI.

Apparently, the shift had changed because there was another technician to remove the IV and help me out of the MRI machine.  I opened my eyes to see a man that looked just like Bernie Siegel!!!!!!  So, I said,” Did anyone ever tell you that you look like Bernie Siegel?”  He said, “Who’s that?”  So, I told him about you, Bernie, and how you have helped me and so many others.  He is going on vacation, and before he goes he will buy one of your books to read while he is away.

What an experience for me, thanks to YOU.  I will share my story with others, grateful to give the help and hope you have inspired in me to them.  I am grateful beyond words….

Bernie’s Answer:

My wife was having an MRI of her brain, she dreaded confined, noisy space—well, you know it all.  So, when they told us that their music system was not working, I said I would go into the room with her and sing to her.

I sang the whole time, and when we came out, staff and patients thanked me for singing. They said they opened the PA system up so that the entire radiology suite could enjoy my singing.  They told me I sang so badly that nobody had any problems with their tests.

Peace, Love, and Healing,

Question for Bernie:

I was diagnosed w/ stage IV metastatic BC in 1995. I am celebrating 21 years April 19, also the anniversary of the Oklahoma bombings. I underwent all treatments including a BMT. I’ve had two recurrences, a painful broken hip and femur, broken ribs, and most recently bones in my feet keep breaking. I certainly commend the medical community for my initial treatment in keeping me alive, but I knew it was my job to find what could keep me healthy. I found that person in  a master practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. With her expertise in herbs and acupuncture, she’s been able to keep me going.

I do the real deal of boiling down the prescribed herbs twice a day, three days a week for the last 20 years. The last cup is as bad as the first, but it is my medicine to keep me alive.

It takes much time, effort, dedication, and money to go the route of alternative treatments. This is in tandem with my oncologist, who thinks this miracle is all his doing, but that’s OK. Whatever the case, it has worked for me, and I couldn’t be more fortunate.

As you know, insurance companies do not cover this cost, and after twenty years I have used all of my resources. I can survive for about 2 ½ more years. I am single, no relatives, and one unmarried son. I am an MFT, now a CASA volunteer, was a starting partner for, “Spa for the Spirit,” which was a three day alternative mountain retreat for women with stage IV BC.

Recently, a college professor with BC told me I was every woman’s nightmare. Probably, but I have the thickest skin possible, and I couldn’t admire my own fortitude more. Cancer was the best worst thing to happen to me, and I have a PhD in spirituality.

However, I need help. I am down to the wire and am looking for an herb sponsor. I have this gift of living for almost 21 years. I am as rare as a unicorn, and I know the right people will appreciate this and support it if I had a way to just connect with them.

PS: You and Dr. Wayne Dyer were the first books I began to read in my spiritual quest.

Bernie’s Answer:

You are an inspiration. You could tell your story on the internet and ask for donations.  I forget what they call the site(s) where people do that.

I hope people reading this on my website will respond to your needs. You can send your story to the herbal companies asking for sponsorship. You can’t lose by asking.  It is a survivor personality quality.

Send us your address and I will send something myself, and hope others will, too.  Bless you – and buy a lottery ticket.  I do, and if I win, you win with me,


Response: Thank you so much, Bernie.  I took your advice and contacted www.gofundme.com

Could you please pass this link to my GoFundMe page so donors can find it?

Help Survivor Make it to the Finish

Question for Bernie:

How can I find my authentic self?

Bernie’s Answer:

Quiet your mind, like the still pond and you will see the truth. Meditate (you can choose from many kinds). Stop thinking and start seeing.

Like the ugly duckling realizing she is a swan, or a tiger cub raised by goats, who only realizes he is a tiger when his mother goat dies, you must look at yourself as unique.  You are—we all are, but there is some “core” of our identity (like being a duckling before you become the swan) that we must get in touch with, appreciate, and love.

The major influences in most developed societies include something about NOT valuing yourself, but the key to being a fully realized person is to find that core and learning to value and love it as early in life as possible.  It is never too late, though, to be enlightened about our inner knowledge and power—and to know that compassion and understanding never demands that anyone abandon their “truth,” which is your core, authentic self.

Peace & Blessings,