Q & A with Bernie – April 4, 2016

Question for Bernie:

I was in a relationship for 44 years. I discovered that my husband is a sex addict. I had to leave the relationship for my own survival and healing. It has been almost five years since I left and I still feel such pain, anger, and betrayal.

I have done a lot of personal work, but I’m feeling that I still have not released these negative emotions completely, no matter how hard I try. I would appreciate your guidance in suggesting how I might go about treating the cause, which is now manifesting in some physical symptoms.

Bernie’s Answer:

Your thoughts are created by you.  You may have heard this wonderful advice somewhere before, but I’ll offer it again because when I found it, I realized its great healing potential:

“Let go, and let God.”

If you are able to care for a pet, adopt one and learn about living in the moment.  The best examples of how to live in the moment are little kids and beloved pets.  If you can make the time required to take care and commune with a pet, by all means, adopt a dog or cat and enjoy the happiness he/she will give you. If you can’t have one of your own, go to a park nearby where people do walk their dogs and let them play off-leash.  Observe the delight these pets experience moment-by-moment as they romp around with each other, and then envision yourself just enjoying the moment you are in—wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

Quiet your mind and the truth will then be reflected back to you. In that reflection, you will see that you are a swan and not an ugly duckling.  Before you can truly give love or assistance to anyone else, you must first love yourself and your life and your body.  Strength comes from finding your authentic self. Valuing that self by healing mind, body, and spirit, gives you open arms to accept what life brings.


Question for Bernie:

Serendipity—I have just discovered Love, Medicine and Miracles, and I am almost done with book #3.  I have two others waiting in the wings.  I also have one meditation CD.

It just occurred to me to send my copy of Love, Medicine and Miracles to my GP. He is a Physician’s Assistant and seems receptive.  Looking for a bio on you, Bernie, I went to my computer and found much, much, more.  Where to start? I am so pleased to see you are still doing the same thing that you began in 1986. Love to you from a 96-year-young fan!

Bernie’s Answer:

Actually, I started speaking and developing my approach to living a genuine, healthy life in 1978, but Love, Medicine & Miracles wasn’t published until 1987.  And I’m still at it.

You are a survivor and lover of life.  It is always great to hear from someone who is very actively engaged in life and learning.

I hope to write an autobiography to share all my life experiences.  Keep loving your life, your body, your mind, and your spirit.  The world needs people like you.

Bless you,