Special Post – Help a Survivor Make it to the Finish Line

Dear Everybody,

I recently got a question from a remarkable 21-year survivor of stage IV metastatic breast cancer, diagnosed on April 19, 1995 at age 38.  Her inspirational story will appear in detail on April 25, 2016, in my Q&A column on this website, but in the meantime, I want to get this information to those who may wish to help her right away.  I suggested she use the internet to reach people who may wish to help her, and here is her response:

“Thank you so much, Bernie.  I took your advice and contacted www.gofundme.com.  Could you please pass along this link to my GoFundMe page so donors can find it? The page is called Help Survivor Make it to the Finish and the link is:  www.gofundme.com/5tzukxek.”

Here is an excerpt about her: “I am at a crossroad where I will not be able to continue treatment. My insurance does not pay for my treatments which run between $10,000-14,000 per year. After 20 years, I have gone through all my options and have enough money to live another 2 ½ years. I don’t own any property, am single for 20 years, and have no relatives to help.  I’m appealing for help to be the longest survivor of stage IV metastatic Breast Cancer!”

I hope some of my readers can help this brave young woman, but in any case, you will be inspired by her story.  Read all of the details on my website, Monday, April 25, 2016, in the Q&A column.