Potential Versus Statistics

Dear Everybody,

Here are some e-mails that came to me via my website, and I want to share them with you as examples of courage, wisdom, and learning to love yourself.  Enjoy reading them.  Bernie


My parents, who are now gone, sent me Love, Medicine and Miracles after I had brain surgery in 1987. Enclosed in the book was a kind, encouraging letter from you, which I kept and read often. Eleven years ago, at the age of 64, I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer at a hospital in Kent, England. A CT scan and a radioactive bone scan both showed there were three metastases, the Gleeson Score was 8, and the PSA 951(British scale). I was devastated when the urologist gave me less than a year to live. He prescribed three monthly Zoladex in order to achieve that paltry aim.

The following Sunday the whole church surrounded me, laid their hands on me in prayer until finally one brave and faith-filled church member prophesied that I would not die of prostate cancer. This greatly boosted my confidence!  A few weeks later my wife and I took a few days break at a hotel near Southampton. On the day we left my wife wanted to buy ‘a few clothes’ in a local department store. Realizing she was likely to be some time I walked along the street and saw a charity shop. After browsing the second hand book section, I selected a novel to read, then noticed that on that day there was a ‘two for the price of one’ offer for books, so I snatched up a rather tattered paperback with the word ‘medicine’ somewhere in the title. When I got home and started to read this second book I saw it was Love, Medicine and Miracles, written, of course, by you.

This was my first encounter with Carl Jung’s synchronicity. I devoured the contents of the book in the days and weeks that followed and learned about visualization, meditation and how to pray effectively. The book served me well for years until it finally disintegrated about two years ago. I quickly bought another copy, along with Peace, Love and Healing.

The visualization I use every day involves the in-dwelling Holy Spirit destroying the tumor, then showing me that my prostate has become soft and smooth all over. The Holy Spirit is accompanied on His journey through my body by me (or rather my spirit).  Afterwards, He takes me on a tour of all my bones and all my organs to indicate there are no metastases anywhere in my body.

In January 2016, I had my usual two scans for the year in a Cambridge hospital, and as usual, I was told “no metastases.” This was as I had expected because my condition has been like that for years. I am still on Zoladex, but now it is supplemented by bicalutamide. I feel well and have never felt any pain from cancer nor suffered in any way. I’ve never had any drastic treatments at all, such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

I am now at 75, an enthusiastic member of our church’s prayer team and look forward to seeing all my grandchildren grow up. The youngest are just seven-years-old. I suppose I am still a work in progress as I have no actual scientific proof that the primary tumor has gone, and also my PSA is still hovering at just over the 100 mark.  However, I have no intention of obtaining another biopsy, and over the years I’ve learnt to be skeptical about PSA as a measure of prostate cancer. Thank you and kind regards, from Great Dunmow, Essex, England.

Bernie’s Comment:

Again, there are no coincidences. I have received many letters and e-mails like this. Read on.

A lawyer wrote to me saying that he was told he had a 5% chance of living two years due to his cancer. While having his car repaired, he went into a used book store and found my book on the shelf. He bought it, read it, transformed his life and his cancer disappeared. He is not a normal lawyer as it is damn unusual for a thinking lawyer to make those changes. His doctor didn’t want to hear about what he did when all his tests and scans came back clear of cancer. I learned to ask people why they didn’t die when they were supposed to and they all had stories to tell about the changes they made in their lives.


Susan learned she had cancer and a year to live. Her partner deserted her when he couldn’t handle the emotions he was feeling. Susan was depressed and looking for some help, so she let a stray cat into her home to keep her company. She took the cat to a vet to be sure it was not sick and a risk to her while she was being treated for her cancer. The vet diagnosed the cat as having feline leukemia and a year to live. Susan returned home devastated that they would both be dead in a year, but she noticed that the cat wasn’t depressed, and was happily tearing around the living room having a ball. Susan’s thought: maybe the cat knows something I don’t know. The cat lived twelve years and Susan is still around, married, and well.


A Harvard medical student having visual problems is diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor. Upon awakening blind after surgery, doctors told him that he would remain blind, and had a year to live. A week later his sight came back, and he went to the library to research glioblastomas. All the books said the same thing about his expected survival time. Thank God he wasn’t a typical student who would go home and die. He got mad as hell at the message he received. He transformed his life, too, and cured both his brain tumor and colitis.

Bernie’s Comment:

Do not let statistics kill you. Do not see death as a failure. We have incredible potential built into us. As Ernest Holmes asked rhetorically, “What if Jesus was the only normal person whom ever lived.” Have faith and let others lay their hands on, as Norman did. If you can’t believe, read the book The Energy Cure by William Bengston. I know people who were cured when they left their troubles to God. So give life a shot. You have nothing to lose. With a house full of pets named Hope, Faith, Miracle, Love, Sex, and Rags I am constantly living the message and receiving therapy.

Peace, Love & Healing,