Q & A with Bernie – June 13, 2016

Question for Bernie:

First I want to thank you for responding to my emails so quickly.  It means more than you will ever know.

My dryness has been off and on for 12 years, sometimes going away for years and then coming back.  Right now it has been getting worse for the past six months where I’m having difficulty eating as my mouth, tongue, and throat are so dry.  Water makes my mouth drier.  My eyes, nose, and skin are getting drier. This disease just continues to get worse, so I feel I have nothing to live for.  For years I always felt I would die a slow, painful death, and it seems this is coming true.

I have been seeing a person who specializes in homeopathy for 9 years, but now I’m even losing faith in her.  The medical field has done very little to help me.  I feel I am fighting this on my own. Maybe this means I have to look within.  I usually don’t remember my dreams, but I remember a little bit of a dream the other night where a doctor was asking me to help thread a needle.  Could this mean that I have to help with my healing?  Are you aware of anyone who has healed her or himself from an autoimmune disease?

How can I visualize my immune system stopping the attack on my moisture glands?

Sorry for all the questions, but I feel I need to address this now before it’s too late.

Thank you again.

Bernie’s Answer:

Start by loving your life and your body throughout the day—do that in your mind.

Water your body as you would a garden, and get rid of the weeds in your life and garden.

Get the anger out in healthy ways through therapy or writing in a journal.

Yes, all healing is done by you, so thread the needle.  And, yes I know people who have far exceeded doctor’s expectations.

A woman I know has had scleroderma for decades, and she told me that “when I let love into my prison, it changed the experiences of my life into something meaningful.”

Look for more help with supplements, too.  Go to http://www.lifeextension.com/ for their wide range of vitamins and supplements.  You may also be able to contact them at www.lef.org.

You create what you visualize from your life to your death.  You are to live in order to do something real for another soul like yourself.

Peace & Healing,

Response from the same correspondent to Bernie’s last answer:

Thank you for the advice.  I have already started on loving myself and releasing my anger, two big steps towards healing.

I’m still having difficulty visualizing being able to stop my immune system from attacking my moisture glands.  When I go to bed, I like to visualize my body healing.  With cancer you can visualize tumors melting or being eaten up, but what do you do for an overactive immune system?

When my mind starts to think negative thoughts and anxiety starts, I would like to have some visualization mechanism I can turn to.

Right now my glands are burning and painful—how do I visualize this stopping?

I apologize for all the questions, but my symptoms are worsening, so I need to address this right away.

Thank you.

Question for Bernie:

I want to thank you for your wonderful work.  I have difficulty with the meditations though – the “visual” part doesn’t seem to work for me.  I even tried finding a “guide” – and he told me I won’t be able to see him.

I saw you mentioned that for some people it’s harder to visualize, such as musicians (I happen to be a musician).  Do you have any advice for meditation?
Thank you very much.

Bernie’s Answer:

Work with sounds and words to fill in for missing images. Your guide can be harmony and rhythm in your mind.  It is also very important to get into a very relaxed state before you begin.

Look at the meditation and visual imagery CDs on my website.  You may find just the thing that will help you. It is hard for most people when they start meditating to understand that the purpose is to quiet your mind so that there is a relaxed, safe place to let other thoughts in so that you can evaluate them.

It is really important to be so relaxed that you can simply “let go” and let your guide, “Harmony and Rhythm,” bring your thoughts, words, and sounds to mind.  Visualization isn’t just about “picturing” something—it is about being completely safe and relaxed so that whatever comes into your mind, you just accept and let it go away again if something else comes along for you to let “wash over” you—maybe just a feeling.

Remember, it’s about symbolism—and everybody resonates with different symbols from their own lives. Visualize how you feel when you are playing music, just as an example.  There is no “right and wrong” to visualization and/or meditation.  Whatever works to let your mind unwind will allow your guide, “Harmony and Rhythm, to bring messages, often via symbols, into your relaxed mind.  Then, after your meditation come up slowly from that deep relaxation by counting slowly from 10 to 1, so you remain relaxed, but are once again fully awake.

Let me know how you do.

Peace & Healing,