Q & A with Bernie – June 27, 2016

Question for Bernie:

Symptoms continue to worsen even though I’m visualizing, praying, and loving myself every day. I can’t eat a lot of foods, drink coffee, alcohol, and even water dries my mouth.  I have bad breath due to the dryness.

I’m not socializing anymore. My glands are so painful. I can’t go on living like this.  Thank you for trying to help me.

Bernie’s Answer:

What words describe what you are experiencing?

Response to Bernie’s Answer:

I feel like my life is over—hopelessness, alone, doom, nothing to look forward to. Once the salivary glands stop working completely they cannot start working again.  I saw the specialist yesterday and all my blood work is good.  I don’t have any of the markers for Sjogrens, but he believes I do have an autoimmune disease and is just waiting for the blood work to change.

There are cases of Sjogrens, though rare, without any of the markers.  He is now testing me for Lyme but doesn’t believe I have it.

Could I be bringing these symptoms on myself subconsciously?  If so, why would I do this to myself?  I just don’t know what or who to believe anymore.

Bernie’s Response:

“I feel like my life is over—hopelessness, alone, doom, nothing to look forward to.” That describes your problem, in your own words.  The message from your body is that you need to change things in your life in order to lift your spirits and heal.

Learn from these words what you need to change.  Find a volunteer group you support and join it.  Actively helping others is a powerful antidote to being alone with nothing to look forward to. You are worth the effort, and your body will finally get the positive message it needs to receive—that you intend to LIVE.

Find a laughter workshop, or think back on some very funny things that happened to you and others in your life—laughing at least every two or three hours each day will instantly give you a break from feeling emotionally down.  When we laugh, we cannot maintain a morose outlook at the same time.

If you can, go find a furry pet to love, and that will love you back, unconditionally.  If you can’t keep a pet right now, offer to walk a neighbor’s dog and observe how to “live in the moment” as dogs do.  Go to the park and watch little children and/or people with their pets to practice focusing on “being in the moment.”  It will stop when you are involved with others, and there are many, many organizations and people who would welcome you into their lives.

Peace & Healing,

Question for Bernie:

I have a friend who needs to have a bone marrow transplant and blood transfusions.  She thinks it is going to be strange receiving tissue from another person, and I thought your books may help her visualize her body receiving the bone marrow as a positive thing.

You have written many books. Which book would be the best for me to buy for her? She has been told she has a 30% chance of bone marrow transplant working, so I think she is going to need all the help she can get.  Thank you.

Bernie’s Answer:

The first books of mine I would recommend for your friend are Love, Medicine & Miracles and The Art of Healing—Uncovering Your Inner Wisdom and Potential for Self-Healing.  Also, my CD entitled, “Getting Ready,” could be of great help with visualizing.  You can browse through my books and CDs on my website. Talk with her about what she thinks would help her the most.

Your friend needs to visualize the success she desires.  Remember that her body will believe what her mind visualizes, so it is important that she really work on positive visualization of healing.

Suggest that she accept the marrow as family for her body. She must NOT visualize the problem or accept any negative comments doctors may make to her.  She has the potential to heal, and she must keep remembering that she is NOT a statistic—she is a unique individual with her own potential to overcome “the odds.”

With my Art of Healing book, she can draw herself receiving the transplant and erase from her mind any negative images.

Peace & Healing,