Dear Everyone,

To start the healing process, here are the answers to my questions.

1. When you get to Heaven, and are at the head of the admission line, how would you introduce yourself, and the person behind you to God? If you want to avoid being told to come back when you know who you are don’t get into role playing and say your profession or that you are a mother etc. Let them know you are a child of God and don’t need an introduction and let them know that the person behind you is also a child of God.

It makes me stop and think that when you are out shopping with a friend and you say hello to someone and your friend asks you who they are, you should answer, “A child of God.” When you think that way you will respect others and enjoy their presence in a very meaningful way benefiting you and God’s other children. Hello Donald and Hillary.

2. What can I pray for, for you? Again transcend your personal needs and think on another level which will reveal your love for all living things and not just self-love and selfishness. You can desire everyone to win the lottery with your prayers but for me the most meaningful answer, which I rarely hear is, “World Peace!”

3. If you could be God for a day why would you want the opportunity? Again most people tell me about all the things they would fix but maybe God didn’t make a perfect world for a reason. So the answer I truly learned from is that the reason for being God for a day is to understand why. And I have often shared that a perfect world is not creation it is a meaningless, magic trick.

The other day I read an article by Rabbi Lazer Gurkow on the internet which got me thinking. So here is my next question. If you were told you had just a few months to live, who would you spend your time with and what would you tell them?

So many of us come up with all the mushy stuff that really is about all their emotions and not the message and meaning of our lives. I am not saying to deny your feelings I am saying to really get in touch with what your heart feels are the most important feelings we are here to live and express and not just a lot of words saying you love your family. I feel we need to live the sermon so they understand what life is all about and what we are here to do. Like being God with skin on.

The following was in the article by Rabbi Gurkow. This happened many years ago in Russia but is still going on today in many countries.  Rabbi Gurkow, who lived and taught Judaism, was being taken away from his home to be imprisoned by the NKVD Russian Police. God gave the Rabbi the right words to use in talking to his family. Rabbi Gurkow’s message impressed the family deeply and they never forgot the words spoken by him. “Devote your lives to what they are taking me away for.”  Succinct and profound. I can’t help but think of so many spiritual teachers, with this same age-old message, who have been my teachers. My list would fill the page so I will not start typing them in. You and the world know who I am talking about.

Peace, Love & Healing ,

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Uplift for the week:

Marriage is a wonderful institution…….But who wants to live in an institution?
~ Groucho Marx