Q & A with Bernie – November 21, 2016

Question for Bernie:

I’m a recent grad of IIN. You were one of the lectures that stood out the most in my mind.

I have a new client who has lung cancer and has chosen to use food and nutrition to heal his body. While I know a lot about food, I was wondering if you have any books you might recommend to me for my client to read about healing or might there be a book or two that might help me on a metaphysical level.

Thank you for all you do. Continue the greatest work. I respect you so much; blessings.

Bernie’s Answer:

My website lists my books, which I would recommend to you both.

Seeing a naturopathic physician can help guide your client, and there are many diet therapies, but I don’t have a specific person to recommend. Scan the internet.

There are many supplements which help, too, from vitamin D to various herbs.  Life Extension www.lef.org can be a resource.

Peace, love, and healing,

Question for Bernie:

A friend of mine and asked me to email you my story to see if you had input. She said she was going to email you and tell you I would be writing.

I’m 36 and work in Hospice.  I have binge eating disorder and bulimia. I’ve relapsed a lot!!  I live in Michigan and I’ve been out of state to treatment in the past. I’ve also gone to Chicago to see a specialist for RRT (rapid resolution therapy). And I can’t seem to get a hold on it.

I started the behavior of binge eating disorder (BED) when I was about nine, and moved to binging and purging when I was in middle school. No treatment I get helps for very long.  It’s frustrating and I am wondering if I should just accept this eating disorder as part of my personality…just something I do.

I was given up and then adopted at the age of five, so it is something I remember. My new family made it seem like I was never good enough.  I was molested /raped / photographed when I was in elementary school along with another girl and there was a huge trial in my 4th & 5th grades.

And my family accused me of “allowing it to happen” as it was more than once, and he threatened that he would kill my family if I told.

I was bullied and beat up the rest of school for “being a slut and a whore” because they knew about the trial.  Family and school mates acted like I was a germ and were afraid to touch me, and my mom would tell me I “make people feel weird” when I would get near them or hug them.

I was so worried that I, myself, was poison as a kid. I was afraid to eat food or even swallow my own spit for fear I would poison myself and die.  My mom had to take me to the docs so she could have a chat with me about me “being poison” and not wanting to eat. I also would wash my hands and tops of my arms until I bled in order to not be dirty/poison.

I eventually went on to make something of myself, and I love my hospice job and my patients. But I struggle with feeling not good enough.  I feel like I have to do twice as much, and work twice as hard as everyone else to prove my worth—and that one screw up is catastrophic.

It doesn’t matter how much praise my clinical supervisors give me, or how much my patients love me, kudos from our medical director, or how many awards I get (which is a lot). It means NOTHING.  It is like I can feel the ‘unworthiness’ in my body.

Our mutual friend and I were discussing that specifically, and she thought it was like cellular memory—and she asked if I’d be willing to write you.

Bernie’s Answer:

It is all about your childhood.  You are worth loving.  I am happy to do that by becoming your CD = chosen dad.  When you give love you are beautiful, as your work should reveal to you.

What you need to do is feel that self-worth by making your diet about not abusing yourself. Say “no” to your food problems; say “yes” to yourself—by denying the self-destructive behavior instead of saying “it’s okay because of what I have been through.”

You are a child of God. Make your authentic and loving parents happy, too.  Draw a picture of yourself with crayons and e-mail it to me.  I will give you my thoughts on what I see when it arrives.

Think of me as your CD, and let me help you build the strong sense of self-worth that you deserve.  Your life may improve in surprising ways when you realize the strength that comes from being in control of your life.  You are not a victim—you are a capable, creative soul.  Nourish that strong and wise soul with your love and attention.

Peace, love, & healing,

Question for Bernie:

My wife is suffering from GBM grade IV cancer. Please guide us for her healing.

Bernie’s Answer:

Start by reading my books, Love, Medicine & Miracles to begin with; also The Art of Healing: Uncovering your Inner Wisdom and Potential for Self-Healing.

Tell her to love her life and body, and to practice visualizing the cancer going away. She can use whatever image feels right for her.  It doesn’t have to be a battle.

Help her visualize the treatment as a gift, which will help her avoid side effects.  Remind her that she has the potential for healing.  Have faith that it can happen.

Send her healing energy many times a day. Encourage her to do all the things she loves to do, and for maintaining balance and positivity, to eliminate from her life all the things which are troubling her.

Peace, love, & healing,