Q & A with Bernie – January 29, 2017

Question for Bernie:

You have helped me so much when my father was going through cancer and when I had to comfort a friend with a mass on her ovary. I have read your books and live by your example because I wholeheartedly believe in it.

The past 4 months I have been observing a small lump in my left breast. My family has no history of breast cancer but often have cysts. I had a baseline mammogram at age 35 a year and a half ago and everything was fine, although they had to take a second look because of how dense the tissue was. So after observing this lump for 4 months (keep in mind I had never done self-exams before this), I decided to call my friend who is a PA at my OB’s office. She says it sounds like a cyst but she wants another mammogram even though I expressed my concerns about unneeded radiation. I do believe this is needed however.

Although I do not believe this is cancer (and have been meditating off and on telling my blood supply to shut off nutrients to the lump for a couple months), I cannot shake this feeling of nervousness. If they tell me they need to take another look because it’s suspicious, how do I stop myself from going to the dark place? I know I have the tools, but I need you to tell me how to implement them when faced with blinding fear.

Thank you.

Bernie’s Answer:

Yes, get a mammogram. There are newer x-ray machines with less radiation and better imagery.

You are in charge of your thoughts, so several times a day start visualizing having a mammogram and getting good news. It will help reprogram your mind and body.

Remember to laugh for no reason every few hours, too.  Just bring to mind something you have experienced that made you laugh out loud.

Ask yourself why you would choose to waste your life’s time being fearful.  You are a thoughtful, strong person, and you are in charge of your future, so be confident that you can rely on yourself to eliminate fear from your life. Then set about putting as much positivity into your life as you can—love your body and your life.

Peace & Love,

Question for Bernie (follow-up to question above):

Wow…I need you to reel me in again. I was doing well yesterday after your last email. Then I informed my sister of what was going on since she’s had many benign tumors in her breasts, and she cluelessly scared the shit out of me with symptom facts.

And I had to tell my husband; I told him it’s just a cyst, but want to be sure. Seeing the fear and the thoughts rolling around in his head made me nervous. But my sister was the kicker. Now I’m having a hard time focusing on the good news thoughts. They feel distant and are always interrupted by the bad, which I stop right away, but my stomach is constantly nervous.

This is reality and I’ve always wondered how you help people get past this—just keep forcing the good thoughts? Just keep saying to myself “it’s a cyst?” How do I believe it once again, though?

Thank you.

Bernie’s Answer:

You believe the “good thoughts” because you have faith in both yourself and your Lord that you can handle whatever comes.

How you were brought up is the problem, but you have grown stronger in your understanding of the Mind-Body connection and no longer need to fall back into old thinking habits that make you vulnerable to irrelevant information.  We can’t always avoid hearing “horror stories” that people blurt out without thinking.

Always speak up right away before your sister or anyone else can dominate the conversation, and simply state that you would appreciate it if others did not share their experiences. Be firm and walk away if you must.  Practice survivor behavior—show your body that you love it and intend to protect your life and your body from the unnecessary (and potentially emotionally damaging) opinions/stories of others.

First of all, rewrite your history by “re-parenting” yourself—learn to love your life and your body no matter what comes your way.  Give yourself complete permission to prioritize YOU.  It is not selfish, as many people were told as children—it is showing your intention to contribute to society by helping people believe in themselves in all areas of life.

When you believe, peace will come.

Peace, Love, & Healing,