Q & A with Bernie – January 9, 2017

Question for Bernie:

This is something I’ve always wondered since going through cancer with my father and hearing that initial diagnosis and reading your books. When you say the exceptional patients do what they want…I often think that if I were in that situation, I would opt to not do chemo or radiation and do something more natural…even go so far as checking into the Gerson clinic.

However, when my father and my friend heard the bad news (the closest thing I’ve experienced to cancer), human fear struck my entire being. I lost hope in that instance and in desperation was too scared to not follow what their oncologist says to do asap…chemo and radiation.

In your experience with exceptional patients, do they have that fear when they hear the initial diagnosis?

Bernie’s Answer:

They may experience fear initially, but when they do what they decide and feel that they are doing what is right for them, the fear lessens or evaporates.  The difference is that when you decide what treatment options to take, it is far less likely that you will have all the side effects as people do when they feel that they have no say in their treatment; they are more likely to believe that they are being poisoned by treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy. These patients also often experience significant side effects. But, when the treatment is thought of as God’s gift, patients don’t experience problems with the treatment.

So visualizing the treatments in a positive way makes a difference. Your body believes what your mind conceives.

Here on my website (www.berniesiegelmd.com), go to my articles and read Deceiving People into Health. Also, read my book, The Art Of Healing: Uncovering Your Inner Wisdom and Potential for Self-Healing, where you can see the drawings people do of their treatment and how the same treatment can be heaven or hell, depending on the patient’s chosen perspective. Lastly, I recommend my CD entitled Getting Ready which helps people prepare for good results.

An example of the power of the mind from my own clinical experience involved a number of patients who, due to unknown medical equipment dysfunction, where erroneously thought to be receiving chemo and/or radiation therapy, but who were, in actuality, not receiving radiation or chemo. But because some patients exhibited the benefits of these treatments and some patients endured significant side effects, neither the patients nor the doctors realized what was happening.

The reactions patients exhibited really were a product of their individual deep beliefs about how they would react to treatment.  Since the machinery was dysfunctional, their reactions were clearly coming from the mind’s own belief system—and those reactions were so powerful that even the doctors assumed the patients were getting treatment from fully functional chemo or radiation equipment.

Peace, Love, & Healing,