Being Right

“Indeed, this need of individuals to be right is so great that they are willing to sacrifice themselves, their relationships, and even love for it.”

~ Reuel Howe, author of The Miracle of Dialogue

Dear Everyone,

As we continue to cope with a wave of natural disasters and other issues that have impacted the lives of so many fellow Americans in the most challenging ways, one simple change each of us can make might help transform struggle into recovery. Start supporting collaboration instead of confrontation by your own actions.  Keep lines of communication open by reaching out and welcoming people and their ideas into a joint effort to solve big and small problems through respectful compromise.

Many people choose to be right rather than happy. They will argue to the bitter end about the “rightness” of their thoughts and actions.  They do not care about what they are doing to the people they are arguing with.

Why do they behave this way?  Are they perfect?  No, few of us could claim to be that.  They are simply unwilling to view their fallibility and confess to the weaknesses that come along with being human.

When you are willing to give up being right, you will find peace and happiness.  It is when you are ready to learn that you will be right.

If you wish to be happy and free, give up having to be right all the time.