Which Way

Let today’s post from my 365 Prescriptions for the Soul entitled “Which Way” be your guide through the gloriously beautiful month of October.  Open your mind to all possibilities when you are at a crossroads in life.  Only then can you take advantage of all the creativity within you.

Teach this lesson in life to others in your life—take the lead and help both yourself and others reach the goal of having the best interpersonal communication possible.


How do we know which road to take?  Taking the easy path is not always the appropriate choice.  The key is to have an open mind and not judge the path you end up on as right or wrong, but to wait to see where it takes you.  Also, never admit defeat but look at other ways of getting to the point you hope to reach.  When you keep your mind open, things can happen that were not planned but that end up being to your benefit. You may find that what you thought was the wrong place introduces you to things and people that make it the right place.

Do not fear deviating from the normal way and being open to unusual paths.  If you go a certain way because of what others recommend, you may find yourself on the wrong path.  Do not let others tell you where to go and how to get there.  Follow your own path.

Remember, no matter which way you choose to go, ultimately it will always be the right way.