Dear All,

As the December 2017 holidays come to a close, some of us begin to think about making changes in our lives for the New Year. I encourage you to make one change that is harder for a lot of people than the usual one about losing weight and getting fit.  The change I hope you make has the power to eliminate one the most vexing problems we humans grapple with as we travel through life—loneliness.

The eternal quest of the individual human being is to shatter his or her loneliness. When you know yourself, you will never be lonely because you will always have yourself to be with.  When you achieve this state of self-awareness you will also realize that there is a greater awareness, the universal consciousness that is aware of you and with you at all times.  One of the ways to connect with this consciousness is through prayer.  It can connect you with all things.

You have to be willing to see beyond yourself for this to happen.  If you blame others for your loneliness or the lack of attention you receive, things will not change.  Then loneliness will prevail.  But if you focus on getting to know yourself and your Creator, you will always have company.

Take some time to get to know yourself better. Keep a journal, meditate, pray, and listen.