Q & A with Bernie – February 26, 2018

Question for Bernie:

Hello Bernie,

It has been a long time to go without writing you.

I want to say to you that I am very sad these last 2 months. I am remembering a lot about my ex-boyfriend who died 2 years and 4 months ago. I feel very bad because I said to him that “I preferred not to see him,” and 25 days later he died.

I need to forgive myself. I need it so much, because I am sad at work I don’t do things as well as I need to do them. I am a teacher living in Barcelona, and I am from Valencia, so I miss my family a lot, too. The last 4 weekends I was going to Valencia because I needed to be with them, but at the end of each week, I feel alone and I just keep remembering Walter a lot.

What can I do to forgive myself and start to be happy again?

Thanks Bernie, and A big hug to you.

Bernie’s Answer:

First of all, please remember that you are not at fault.  As I always counsel people, love yourself and your body.  Always keep in mind that your boyfriend had choices and so do you—or would you prefer getting seriously ill as “punishment” for something that was not in any way your fault.

Live your life and accept this very important truth—only you decide how you feel, so get out and do something for someone else out of love.  And stop wasting your life!

My wife died a month ago, and I live the way she wants me to live.  So, let your heart decide and live your life where and how you want to live it.

Peace & love,