Second Wind

“Only the very exceptional individuals push to their extremes.”
– William James

I have run several marathons, and know that at some point something happens in my body and I feel as if I were just starting the race. We all have this resource within us, but most of us never test ourselves for fear of failing. As a surgeon, when I am operating on someone,I have the energy to stand for hours without eating, drinking, or feeling tired.

I’ve also watched our daughter care for one of her sons, who has many medical problems. It’s amazing how she maintains her strength and ability to be a loving mother through many crises.

Our bodies will respond to our needs and desires. We were created to survive. When the will to live, to finish a race or project, or to care for someone is uppermost in our desires and minds, the message gets through to our body and we get a second wind. It is as though the meaningful desires and needs call up a store of energy from within.

So, when you find yourself pushed to extremes and you think you have no more resources, be assured that your second wind is on the way.