Question for Bernie:

Dear Bernie,

I just returned from New York after my mastectomy.  They took 14 lymph nodes out; 3 were affected. The pathology came back OK a couple weeks later.

My host in New York had your book Love, Medicine & Miracles delivered for me when I came back from hospital.

I worked on your suggestion, and my friends waiting during surgery mentioned that when the surgeon came out to speak to them after surgery, he said surgery went well and “……there was very little blood loss.”

Your advice stayed in my mind and conscience and my body listened.

I am now refusing chemo and radiation and heal naturally. I have made nutritional changes and am trying to detox my body.

How can I help program my body rid itself of any remaining cancer cells?

Your last suggestion about imagining blood rushing away from surgery area worked so well.

Thank you so much. Many regards.

Bernie’s Answer:

Thanks for sending your drawing to me.  You look a bit ragged, but are all there and the light is a nice healing sign.  Surgeons don’t look whole and have no arms to work with, so make sure you develop a human relationship with them and others at the hospital.

And get help from your family, too. None of them are in your drawing waiting for you.

Also, add some color to the picture to bring it to life.