Q & A with Bernie – May 21, 2018

Question for Bernie:

Hi Dr. Siegel,

One of my employees has had 3 miscarriages…the last one was twins at 23weeks (one week shy of being able to save them). She is now 22 weeks and started cramping so is at the doctor.

What would your advice be to her mentally … as she is soooo in her head with worry?

Thanks as always.

Bernie’s Answer

I stopped a miscarriage in one of my patients taking the following steps: What I did first was get all the negative people out of her room. Be sure you do that, too.

And then I had her meditate and communicate with her uterus. I guided her through visualizing getting her uterus to relax and not contract, and to feel a sense of serene, inner peace. Her labor stopped and a miscarriage was averted.  She went on to have a healthy baby who she named after me.

So, as I say above, begin by eliminating all the negative people from the room; gently put hands on her tummy and guide her in visualizing labor slowing and then stopping. Help her visualize sending energy and healing to the fetus, safe within a calm uterus.  Help her visualize getting strong and carrying her baby to term, then celebrating the birth of a beautiful child (who she can name after me per tradition mentioned above).

Tell your employee that eliminating as much of any negative energy swirling around her as possible will boost her immune system and overall health in support of a healthy pregnancy. This can mean at least temporarily banning certain friends and family members who think they are helping but, because they don’t realize how harmful their own extremely negative views are to her overall well being, will keep right on “trying to help” and introducing unnecessary stress into her life.

Fear is destructive, but love and laughter heal.  She should surround herself with other adults who are truly happy in their lives and do not pollute the space with negative energy.  This is your employee’s personal experience—it is her experience and is like no other’s—perhaps you could help her by explaining that to some of the people who she might be afraid to ask to stay away, but should.