Sell It

“Herman Grimhoffer was stuck in an elevator for four hours.  Upon his release he had sold the elevator operator a new Cadillac.”
~ Matty Simmons

When I first began to speak about my experience with cancer patients, I encountered anger and opposition from the medical profession.  When I was interviewed on all the well-known talk shows, I was constantly being challenged for my beliefs.  Trying to sell my ideas made me an object of everyone’s anger.  My beliefs did not fit the establishment’s beliefs.

I learned to tell stories so that my ideas would not confront others’ belief systems too intensely.  I also learned to listen to others’ anecdotes and stories as they told about their ideas and experiences.  I learned to ask and not tell.  I found the best way to sell my ideas was to let another person share his or her experience of my techniques and how they worked for that person.

When I told other doctors how to help patients, I encountered a lot of disagreement.  But when I asked them if they wanted to help patients, the answer was always yes.  It is much easier to sell new ideas when you are both in agreement on the basic premise.

I am not trying to sell material things, but I am trying to sell humanistic medical care.  I still have my moments when I forget to share my ideas in a non-confrontational way.  I still have some work to do in getting all medical professionals to stop dealing with patients and start caring for them.

If your goals are admirable and beneficial, then learn how to sell them to others and become a traveling salesperson.