Q & A with Bernie – October 29, 2018

Question for Bernie:

Hello Bernie,

A long time ago, I contacted you because I did believe in the power of miracles. You blessed me with your words.

I’m writing again because I just need some advice on how to deal with a husband, man and father that goes away from a son. How can he ever be happy away from his son—any explanation?

Hope you are okay.

Bernie’s Answer:

He has a problem. You and your son need to be love warriors and keep telling him that you love him no matter what he says or does as long as it isn’t physically harmful to you, your son, or your husband himself.

He needs to hear what he is saying, so just listen without anger, judgement, or interruption so he can hear his own words.  Don’t tell him what to do—just listen without judgement.  Make the sound of “hmm” and keep your focus on him—not on something else—so he knows you are listening to him.

Love and listen—this will allow your husband to see the whole picture in his own words.  He will know that you support a plan for him to have more father-son time because you let him discover how important that was to him, in his own words.