Try the Chemotherapy of Love

Love is the medicine for the sickness of the world; a prescription often given, too rarely taken.
~ Dr. Karl Menninger

We are awesome creations, intricately designed and interacting in incredible ways so that our organism can survive.  Yet we are constantly putting chemicals into our bodies to alter how we feel or to treat some condition we are not happy about.  But what is the greatest therapy available?  What is the most potent chemotherapeutic treatment ever devised?  The answer is love.

It is the vital ingredient in the treatment of every malady and changes us in ways that no other external treatments can. It enhances our growth and development, lifts our spirits, and turns our fears of rejection into positive motivation.  We literally do not grow and will even die if no one loves or touches us.  Lack of love leads to self-destruction, addictions, and illnesses in every species tested.  Life-sustaining measures may be taken, but without love, the most important ingredient is missing.

Dose yourselves with love regularly and serve others from your supply. Dispense it with impunity because you cannot overdose, it will never run out, and there are no adverse side effects.