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It’s never too late to become the person you have always been.
~ John Kimbrough (1918-2006)

When you want to change, you may start by buying new clothes, moving, redecorating, getting a new job, cleaning out your closets, and so on.  But that is not what will change you. Those activities only change aspects of your life.  To change yourself, you must start on the inside.

I am talk about changing from the inside out. When the essential you is altered, the rest will follow.  An Alcoholics Anonymous slogan is “fake it till you make it.”  They are not talking about dressing differently or trying to fool people but about making the effort to be the person you want to be.

By faking it and acting like the person you truly want to be, you begin the change, and will start to do the inner work.  When you become different inside, it will reflect on the outside, and all will know and recognize the new you.

What changes would you like to make? Decide how you want to be, work on those changes,and act as if you are already there.