Q & A with Bernie – December 24, 2018

Question for Bernie:

Hello Dr. Siegel,

It has been a long time coming, this email…my mother has encouraged me to reach out to you for years. I know that you and she have had some correspondence over the years, and that she told you a bit about what happened in my family to me as a child.

I also know that my Aunt had stage 4 Lymphoma, and went into full remission, using your practices; AND my cousin Renee had all these uterine fibroids, and was told she’d never have kids. She did The Art of Healing and all the tumors went away, and she now has one of the healthiest, most awesome babies ever!

I have Mast Cell Activation Disorder, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome). I just spent a week in the ICU, due to going into recurring anaphylaxis, probably caused by hormones, stress, and some chronic infections I’ve had. I also have PTSD and a history of anorexia; I have 3 years in recovery from my Eating Disorder, and have made incredible progress on my relationship with the very traumatic trials of my childhood and adolescence, I feel.

I am a musician, vocalist, songwriter, visual artist, and poet; I have a beautifully rich life, and incredible, grounding partner, and a career that is blossoming before my eyes. I feel less fractured as a person than ever before in my life, and I know there are only more discoveries to come. I am doing what I love, and I am doing what I can to step out of my own way to the purposes I know are mine in this life.

However, my MCAD seems to be getting increasingly worse, and I DO NOT WANT IT TO. I feel angry and frustrated with my body, and these cells that just decide when to reject elements of life.

I have a very deep belief, in my bones, that I can maintain health and do the things I love, and not have to be afraid of going into anaphylaxis all the time. I believe that I can be sustainably healthy – I believe I AM healthy – and I want to do everything in my power to change the health spiral I’ve been in.

I know that my body is speaking to me. And I want so badly to listen, and to work with myself, instead of against myself, to really have sustained healing.

I just don’t really know how to do any more than what I do now…

Dr. Siegel, I have witnessed the miraculous power of healing that your practices have unlocked in my loved ones. I know that I can heal; I know that this traditionally progressive illness does NOT have to get worse. I believe that I can get to the point where my physical body can remain healthy and thrive while I am doing the things I love.

I don’t know exactly what I’m asking in this email…perhaps for guidance, or even a simple validation…I don’t want to be afraid of my body anymore. I want to work with it….

I am going to start The Art of Healing practices this week, when I get out of the hospital.

I want to thank you for the amazing gifts of healing you helped my Aunt and Cousin give themselves. I know I can do it, too.

Thank you, Dr. Siegel! Thank you for all you do, to recognize the validity and healing power of both modern/western medicine and the inherent properties of our bodies.

However, my MCAD seems to be getting increasingly worse, and I DO NOT WANT IT TO. I feel angry and frustrated with my body, and these cells that just decide when to reject elements of life—love and light to you.

Bernie’s Answer:

The above is what I want you to change. Stop feeling angry and frustrated with your body. Instead, love your body and it will change.

One young woman didn’t want to die hating her body due to childhood polio and neurological disease, so she sat naked in front of mirror loving her body inch by inch, and she recovered.