Disciple to a philosophy, disciple to a set of principles, disciple to a set of values, disciple to an overriding purpose, to a super-ordinate goal or a person who represents that goal…You are a disciple, a follower, of your own deep values and their source.
~ Anonymous

Jesus asked his disciples to give up everything and follow him.  I do not think that today we need physically to follow someone to attain spiritual knowledge, because the words and teachings are available to us all.

I asked my friend Gloria a question about disciples.  She writes Heaven Letters, which come from the words she hears from God.  Here are some words she shared in answer to my question:  “We are entwined partners.  Be a disciple to your own heart.  Be a disciple to truth.  Your willingness to be with Me is your discipleship.  Know our oneness.”  I agree and feel we commence to be disciples when we listen to the truth and to our hearts and become one.

Become a disciple of the teachings of your heart.