When the student is ready, the teacher appears.
~ Taoist Saying

The Sufi poet Rumi said, “Criticism polishes my mirror.” He taught me that everyone is my teacher.  If you are trying to be a better human being, then look for teachers.  They might be your colleagues, your family, and even your pets.  My family, nurses, and patients have always been my teachers.  They tell me when I could be a better doctor, father, husband, and so on.

The people who I worry about are the ones that always blame everyone else, never do their homework, and do not accept the fact that they have anything to learn or that they can ever do anything wrong.

Once a teacher has led you to understand how to improve at what you are doing and at being who you are, do your homework and ask them to continue to grade you on your progress.  Life is a school, and teachers are everywhere if you are willing to attend the class called Life 101.

See your day as a classroom and be aware of the different subjects and teachers available to you for your further education.

Life is a great teacher.