Poetic Relief

Poetry is language at its most distilled
and most powerful
~ Rita Dove

If you don’t write poetry, you are missing a great opportunity.  The other day I greeted my wife at the back door and then put away several bags of groceries.  I patted myself on the back for being such a good guy and waited for her to return to the kitchen.  When she did, she said, “You don’t put tomatoes in the refrigerator.”  No “thank you,” just criticism.  What was my response?  To write a poem entitled “Divorce.”

In it I listed all my deficits, like putting tomatoes in the refrigerator, eating and walking too fast, and snoring.  I read the poem to my wife, and she laughed.  I love her when she laughs, so we fired the divorce lawyer, took the tomatoes out of the refrigerator, and decided to give love a chance.  Now you know why I love and recommend writing poetry.

The day you start writing, your world will change.