Q & A wtih Bernie – Aprill 15, 2019

Question for Bernie:

I’m scheduled for a total hip replacement in mid-May. I was in denial for a long time. I read all of Dr. John Sarno’s books and really questioned seriously if my condition was more related to mind than body.

As the date closes in and I remain in pain, I am inclined to go through the surgery.

Bernie’s Answer:

Before surgery, picture blood leaving the surgical area during the surgery, which makes it easier for the surgeon. Also, picture everything going well several times a day, and your body will be ready for the best happening both during and after your surgery.

Response to Bernie’s Answer:

That’s good advice. Thanks. I am still struggling a bit with whether I really need the surgery or whether this could be my brain causing the pain as a means of avoidance of other issues. If that’s the case, it’s definitely happening on a very subconscious level. The x-rays show ‘bone on bone’ for both hips, yet only the left one hurts, and that’s the one with less of an issue.

Dr. John Sarno was the physical medicine doctor who wrote several books on healing pain without surgery in spite of having physical evidence that might support having surgery. Greater than 80% of his patients ended up being ‘cured’ without surgical intervention by following his methods. I’ve done that and have had inexplicable relief at times and at other times not so much.

Anyway, I haven’t received much support from anyone for not having the surgery, so I probably will go ahead with it.

Bernie’s Second Response:

Contact whoever you want to, but you need to contact yourself first. With crayons, on white paper, draw yourself in the operating room and e-mail it to me. It will help you know what is right for you.

Stop thinking and follow your heart.

If you plan surgery, then three times a day from today, picture yourself having the surgery and doing very well afterwards, free of pain and other side effects.