Expect people to be better than they are; it helps them to become better. But don’t be disappointed when they are not; it helps them to keep trying.
~ Merry Browne

Often we are required to participate in gatherings.  From holiday and office parties to family reunions, these can be difficult. The expectations we have before we go will color our experience when we get there.

When you expect to be loved, you behave differently.  Think about going to a family affair where you expect everyone to praise and love you.  Now think about going to an event where everyone will be critical of you and your behavior.  Feel the difference in your body and attitude.

Go expecting to be loved, and you will be.  Because of the love of my parents, wife, and family, I anticipate that people will love me.  I have found myself laughing when I am invited to a meeting where I expect to be loved and am instead criticized.  When my critics ask why I am laughing, I explain the problem is that I feel loved and expected them to love me too.  The meeting always goes well after that.