Movies of Your Mnd

Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.
~ Albert Einstein

Your life is created by the movies of your mind.  What you picture, your body experiences and your life becomes.  You are a character playing a role, but who wrote the script and who is directing the show?

What you imagine and picture should not be dictated and scripted by others.  This is your movie, hour show, and don’t let them tell you how it should be performed or how long it has to play.  Most of all, don’t let anyone drop the curtain on you until you say the show is over.

Sit down, picture what you want, and write out the script.  Then give a copy to everyone who is playing a part in the movie of your life.  If they can’t play their part, replace them with understudies who do care and believe in you and your show.

Remember, you are the director of the movies of your mind.