“There are no coincidences,” says Bernie!

Hi, my name is Prue, and my personal cancer journey began when Australian and New Zealand doctors gave me six months to live. That was 3 decades ago when I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer – malignant melanoma – the most aggressive form, Nodular Melanoma. A disease typically found in men over 65 years of age, not someone in her early 20’s.

After several surgeries and the option of chemotherapy, I decided to research the world for so-called “alternative medicine.” I was scared out of my mind, as you can imagine. But suddenly here I was, flying around the world on a new mission to find focused, comprehensive health solutions that would help me to better understand the immense challenges ahead of me. Oh, and help me to not die.

It was a visit to the local library in Australia (no Internet back then so I had to research old school) that changed my life. I found Bernie’s meditation cassette on the shelf and started meditating every day, visualizing myself well. 30 years later, I have immigrated to America and serendipitously met Bernie at a Health and Healing conference. I say serendipitously, but as Bernie says, there are no coincidences. He was such a profound part of my healing journey that there was no way my higher self was not going to get us together at some point!

When I told Bernie my story and thanked him for saving my life, he replied, “I only helped guide you, you did all the work.” Since that day, Bernie has continued guiding me on my path. We have become great friends, and I am so honored to be invited to share my story and inspiration with you as a weekly guest blogger.

I look forward to seeing you here every Thursday with love and inspiration to help you on your path to true healing.

With love always,
Prudence (Prue) Sinclair

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