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In all things in nature there is something of the marvelous.
~ Aristotle

I have always been attracted to the ocean.  We have a vacation house on Cape Cod, and if I didn’t have so many family connections here, I’d probably be living in Hawaii now.  I feel close to the essence of life and creation when I stand, listen to, and watch the eternal coming and going of the waves.

In the evening the sound of the roaring surf sedates me. I have watched the ocean wash away large pieces of the land and can appreciate its force.  On a deserted beach in Molokai, the Hawaiian island where a leper colony once existed, I had to rescue my wife when a large wave unexpectedly knocked her over and pulled her into the ocean.

The ocean, the mountains, and the rainbows that one sees in Hawaii remind me of the pact God made with Noah.  The rainbow was the sign meant to remind us of God’s pledge to not send another flood.

Stand, watch, and listen to the rhythm of life the ocean displays.

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  1. Illana

    Love these articles

  2. David Hanscom

    Hi Bernie, Great thought for the day. Connecting with nature is something I am working on getting back to doing. Trust you are doing well. David