Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power.  We have guided missiles and misguided men.
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

It seems inappropriate that we have people sitting on the beach watching us go in the water while no one guides us as we plunge into life.  We all need lifeguards.  We need someone who can safely direct us to find our ability to stay afloat in the sea of life, especially when parents, teachers, and religions are not giving us the help we need.

Our children are in great danger of drowning.  It is incredible that the headlines are full of news about children killing their teachers and parents.  We must let the children know we are here to be their lifeguards and life guides.  We need to be there when they get in over their heads or flounder in deep waters, and pull them to safety.  We need to keep them on shore when the sea of life is turbulent.  We can’t just sit by and watch them go down.

Please sign up for duty.  Work a shift so that our children will be guarded and guided to a safe, dry place where they can live free of the threat of stormy seas.  Be there so when the occasional severe storm does occur they will know where to turn to find a life preserver.


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  1. Carol Ann Jackson

    When my mother got cancer ( her mother died of breast cancer at 49) I knew she expected the “ visit”. And I didn’t know what to do to help. I called various organizations but to no avail. So then I did what I always did when in doubt, I went book hunting. I passed on to her a stack of reading, 3 of the books were yours. And you became her constant companion during here journey. Many years later, when she died, I found your books, dog eared and filled with scraps of paper to “ hold that spot”. She lived a a long and fruitful life. Was a wonderful mother and grandmother.
    And despite miscarrying several times, I had one live birth, a wonderful son, whom she also loved fiercely. By her example, as an “on duty” Mom, I followed her lead. She often gave me kudos as a Mom and although she didn’t give me advice, I often talked out issues with her and listened carefully to her thoughts.
    In those days people put a lot of emphasis on “ quality “ time. I learned from her ( and my son) that children prefer quantity! And lots of listening. And sincere interest. Grandmothers are very good at that and she was the best. But I also did my best to “ be there”. And when I read your blog today, I just had to say a “ here, here”!
    My son recently was asked if I had been a “ stage mother”, had directed him to his chosen career. He laughed and replied that if he had done what I had loved, he would have gone in an entirely different direction . He continued, “ She guided me but didn’t lead me. She supported me but didn’t carry me. She let me follow my passion but watched out for me. I. always knew she had and has my back”. As I always knew my Mom was there for me.
    Thank you for this beautiful post. I hope people heed it. All our lives depend on it.
    And a long overdue thank you for actually helping save my mother’s life. And as a result, further enriching both my life and the life of my son. Bless you.

  2. Danielle

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