Olive Oil

Following the course of least resistance makes for crooked rivers and crooked men.
~ Lanny Henninger

Olive oil is a healthy fat and should be used to cook foods, poured over salads, and added to your recipes. In countries where olive oil is a standard part of the diet, the results are apparent in how heart healthy the people are. However, being heart healthy comes from more than just ingesting olive oil, but the oil is a good teacher.

The oil is created by crushing the beautiful olives that are picked to make the oil. We are all under pressure most of the time owing to our lifestyles. Often we become bitter, restless, resentful, and more. However, the olive knows that the pressures of life make us what we are and can be used to create something better. Perhaps if we too understood this, we would suffer less the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.”

Do not be afraid of the pressure. Use it to guide you just as it birthed you, and use its energy to push you forward into a meaningful life.

The easy way out will lead you to places you don’t want to go. Sometimes a little crushing and pressure are just what you need.


  1. Jane Knox

    Bernie, this was delightful and such good advice.
    Thank you, Jane