Find the Divine Child Within

If we are allowed to develop our divine child within from birth, we grow to maturity with consistent love and encouragement to accept and love ourselves.  We learn this is not selfish—it is the opposite. We need the strength being loved from birth gives us to be effective for others.

But, if you didn’t grow up with someone who cared for you as a divine child worthy of your own care, I am happy to become your CD, or Chosen Dad, and provide you with the needed love and encouragement as you learn to accept and love yourself. Remember, up to the age of six, a child is basically under hypnosis due to their brain wave patterns. So it is not an easy job to let go of the negative messages you have heard throughout your life.

Opportunities are everywhere to nurture the divine child. Alexis draws a picture in first grade, and the teacher tells her “purple is not a color for a tent—it is for dead people, and we are not hanging it on the wall with the others.” In second grade you leave your paper blank when asked to draw a picture. Your teacher comes over, puts his hand on your shoulder and says, “The snowfall, how clean and white and beautiful.” When I loved my unlovable patients, by continuing to care for and about them, over time they realized that they were worth loving, and then began to care for themselves. A recent study also shows that patients of compassionate doctors recover faster from an illness than those of doctors who showed little compassion.

Your divine child within will be inspired with the words of someone who survived her entire family committing suicide due to a lack of love for themselves and each other. Susan wrote, “I had no control over the parents who raised me, but when I let love into my prison it touched every negative item in it, meaning the experiences in my life, and turned them into something meaningful.” I met her thirty years ago when she was supposed to die of a serious auto-immune disease. Well, she is still emailing me today. When her doctor told her, “All you have is a hope and a prayer,” she learned to love, hope and pray and become a teacher and guide for others.

The Opposite of Love Is Not Hate or Fear—It is Indifference

And, even worse, is rejection and abuse. I don’t have the space to share their stories but the headlines tell you the result when for revenge, the innocent are killed, and then guilt-driven suicide often ends it all. But you can make a difference don’t ever forget that.

HUMOR for Health & Healing

I will also add to not forget the importance of humor. Our kids always calmed down when I would say, “Do you know why your mother and I will never get a divorce?”

“Why not Dad?”

“Because neither one of us wants the children.”

Our daughter called me on her cell phone the other day, and when I returned her call I said, “Now that you are all out of the house, Mom and I are getting a divorce.” Turns out she had her speaker phone on and was sitting in a therapist’s office. I left the explaining to her.

My question for you:
What did you do this week to embarrass your family or make them laugh and why is that important to do?


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  1. Creationships

    Hi Bernie ~ Great start to post, “if “WE’ … Suppose we were to take out all the “you’s” & “yours” that are written and replace them w/ ‘US’ & ‘OUR’ [and ‘WE’]; would this help US focus further on ‘inclusion’ & ‘unity’ as a [human] specie? We’re all in ‘it’ together … Respectfully,

  2. Carol

    Love love love Bernie,! Started listening to him years ago when my cousin survived breast cancer. Bernie helped me thru a divorce. I have not had cancer, but listen to his cassettes, now CD’s. I was fortunate to see him meet him, in Meadville, PA and Youngstown OH.
    Bernie you are the best, you still inspire me! A million hugs, Carol

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