Out On a Limb

I gave my word to this tree, the forest and to all the people, that my feet would not touch the ground until I had done everything in my power to make the world aware of this problem and to stop the destruction.
~ Julia Butterfly Hill, The Luna Tree Sit

I don’t mind going out on a limb when I know that what I am reaching for and risking injury for is worthwhile.  I’ll crawl out there so that people will stop, look, and listen.  I know what I am out there for is the truth and that it needs to be acknowledged and responded to.

When you take the risk to go out on a limb for something you believe in, support will come.  The limb will not break; it will bend and sway in the face of adversity until the weight is shared by others.

Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb and speak your truth to the powers that be.  The power of one is a great thing.  Use it wisely, and you will be amazed at how many people will climb out on the limb with you and be supported.

What are you willing to go out on a limb for?


  1. Pernilla

    Thanks dear Bernie, CD
    The content of your latest posting had great timing – as they all tend to have!
    Synchronicity at work