Are You the Leader of Your Life?

Hello lovely you,

Are you the leader of your life?

Are you feeling relaxed, present and balanced today?

Are you breathing deeply and evenly?

This is my favorite breathing exercise: Take a deep breath in and let your belly expand for the count of 5 – hold for 7 counts – let the breath out slowly for 8 – repeat. It feels so good.

It is indeed no secret that your mindset can totally affect the outcome of your life. We know that the way we think about ourselves and the world around us can drastically change our future.

Do you feel abundant today?

Get in the right mindset. Say to yourself right now. “I love and approve of myself, and I accept abundance into my life.”

“I am abundant.”

“I am abundant.”

“I am abundant.”

Here are 5 things to an abundant life:

1. Find happiness no matter what circumstances are in your life.

2. Forgive those who have hurt you.

3. Create memorable and meaningful life experiences.

4. Feel confident in your life choices.

5, Take risks and just do what feels good deep within.

With love,

Prue –