Chemo Crossroad

Dear everyone,

To celebrate 10 years as a breast cancer survivor, one of my readers, Martha, created a short poetry film based on her spoken word piece entitled Chemo Crossroad. She encouraged me to “share with anyone who might find encouragement from my experience” and wants to share it “far and wide.” Please watch it for inspiration about the strength within us all.

Click the image to view the video or visit


  1. Ana

    Hi Dr. Bernie,I Love your posts, thank you.
    I would like to share my experience with cancer: I was diagnosed with breast cancer about 12 years ago. By that time my brother had passed away one year before that. I was operated on and I’ve decided not to make any conventional treatment as recommended by a Dr.I’ve choosen who was Dr. Hammer’s follower. At the same time I’ve been trying to understand what was my body trying to tell me. One year later, exactly in the same place, the diagnostic came back. And again I go further on my decision of self knowledge (I never went to a psicologist). The pressures at my work were high (I had a high position on a pharmaceutical company leader on oncology). I don’t know why, I’ve never had fear. In my opinion patients should have the freedom of making their own decisions, the ones that fit to them, not to their relatives or their medical doctors.