We are called upon not to be successful, but to be faithful.
~ Mother Teresa

We are all on an errand for humanity.  We are not sent here to destroy, but to build and create.  We have to ask ourselves how our individual presence can change the course of humanity for the good.

If we change, humanity changes.  It is not necessary to be the CEO of a major company or the president or prime minister of a powerful country to complete this errand.  We just have to look at what is before us and start right where we are.  We need to see where we can help, and then act in a way that fulfills our personal errand for humanity.

Every act has its effects, from tossing garbage on the roadside to loving thy neighbor.  When you make a decision or take an action, ask yourself, “How will this affect humanity?”

How do you plan to fulfill your errand to humanity?