Dear All,

As we head into the traditional fall-winter Holiday Season, once again we think about Family as the anchor keeping us safe from drifting out of sight. But, at some point we come of age and become the captain of our own life, and the first thing we want to do is pull up anchor and sail to the uncertain seas of life’s lessons, and start making our own decisions and choices about what is most important to us and to the well being of the family,

Now, looking back over decades helping patients take an active role in their cancer treatment and recovery, regaining the sense of empowerment which can be lost during treatment, I realized that they taught me something invaluable—how to really listen, sometimes it’s called active listening.

I chose poetry to express my thoughts because it can help us see something familiar in a different way.


the gift of their existence
the pain of their difficulties
that love which cannot be equaled
nor the pain of being one with another
Father’s Day
the gift of creation
our children
their children
the future
beyond understanding
to be a creator
for eternity