How to Avoid Thanksgiving Family Politics

Hello Lovely You,

Here we are on Thanksgiving morning with only a few hours to go before we meet and greet our family and maybe old friends who are coming over for Thanksgiving dinner. How do you feel about Thanksgiving? Are you prepared and ready to take on the challenge? Maybe you are excited to see everyone again, or perhaps you are worried about what might happen when your family has different political viewpoints.

Today, I thought I’d share some tips to help you make this Thanksgiving the best ever.  Start the day out with great intentions.

How To Avoid Thanksgiving Family Politics

I know some of us are dreading Thanksgiving dinner as we face our families after emotionally charged political disagreements over the last year. How do you avoid Thanksgiving Family Politics?

I heard from a friend that she banned her family members from Facebook because of their political views and she is scared to go home for Thanks Giving. She wants to see her family, she loves them but not sure how they will treat her.

So, how do we face our families when there have been emotionally charged disagreements over politics. Let’s start with three things kindness, diplomacy and ground rules. You need a strategy!

Nine tips for a peaceful Thanksgiving dinner.

1. Kindness
Learn how to change the subject and maneuver the conversation to something simple – like how beautiful Aunt Jackie’s pumpkin pie looks.

2. Set some ground rules for the dinner table
You were taught not to put your elbows and feet on the table and not to talk with your mouthful. Consider giving your family a heads-up that political discussions and arguing about politics aren’t allowed at the table. Tell everyone how much you love them and that you won’t tolerate political arguing especially in front of the children. Be prepared with some great conversation topics and funny family stories so the chatter won’t veer off course.

3. Breath and become centered before the dinner starts
Pass around old photos of the kids. Talk about work and what you are doing that you love. Keep things light, find common ground and steer the conversation.

4. Children
Let the kids talk up a storm about their lives and what they have achieved and love to do. Talk to them about Thanks Giving and what it all means. Tell stories.

5. Show how grateful you are.
Keep the energy high with gratefulness. Share your feelings of how much you love everyone. This high energy you bring to the table will help alleviate the intense negative emotions of others. Talk about why you are all together? What does it mean? Ask your family to share what they are thankful for this holiday season. Do a meditation together. Say a pray. Bless your food. Say grace. Start the dinner with loving intention.

6. Plan an activity to keep people focused.
Invite everyone to watch some old family movies or get out in the yard and play flag football. Have a jigsaw puzzle ready to put together. Cards or games are great to bring people together. Charades is one of my favorites. Go for a long walk after dinner.  Your family can have a wonderful and memorable time when you play online casino games on 메리트카지노.

7. Try the $1.00 or maybe $5.00 jar thingy!!
Whenever someone mentions Trump or a candidate running for office, or something about politics they have to pay up. Place a jar in a prominent position where people cannot avoid it. Any time someone slips up yell out, Pay Up! There may be a significant amount of cash in that jar after the day is over so buy yourself something special or donate it to charity.

8. Use humor to diffuse any arguments.
You can’t be mad if you’re laughing. You can’t be fearful if you are in gratitude. Tell funny stories and jokes. Show some silly YouTube Videos.

9. What if all fails
You’ve tried your best, and the jar is over flowing with cash! All the tips in the world are not working, and you find your family sitting in awkward silence or worse they are arguing. What do you do? I don’t believe you have to tolerate this situation. If it were me, I would walk out refresh my drink and step outside for a breath of fresh air or go for a walk on my own.

You don’t have to put up with it. Family can be wonderful, and a giant pain in the you know what! We don’t get to pick our family like we get to choose our friends. Do your best that is all you can do and remember you are free to leave the house at any time. Take a drive, go for a walk or catch a movie.

There is always more wine or another piece of pie!! Maybe both. Maybe not!

You’ve got this!

Many blessings,


  1. Carol

    I feel humor is the key. It creates less of a heaviness in the
    heart and a different perspective on the story
    at the moment.